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Puppy Profiles post-birth

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I’ve noticed that we’re only allowed to create puppy profiles when the birth thread is created, because it messes with the joining date, however, we can edit the ages manually and keep it at 0 months until they actually pop out. There’s many suggestions I have, but since its birthing season, I want to mess with the coding on the profiles and make them all pretty and stuff before hand, and not be swamped with posts when I’m trying to code. Because let’s face it, puppies are time consuming.

Rules (maybe) for this:

You will be accepted but you will not be allowed to post or be put on the pack page until birth.

This is optional. You can wait until birth to create the profile or before.

If you choose to make the account, you MUST be accepted by the parents and wait until your name gets added to the taken puppy list.


Oct 07, 2017 02:20 PM

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Or you could like use Nymeria’s profile to build a sort of pseudo-pup profile and then copy and paste it once the pup is born.

Edit: but if you don’t want to mess with a different’s character’s profile, I suggest using this:

Plus, considering the puppies will be actual potatoes for the first few weeks I’m pretty sure you’ll have more than enough time to fiddle with the profile before they actually get time consuming.

Oct 07, 2017 02:23 PM — Post #1

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[ Edited: Oct 08, 2017 12:33 AM by Rota ]
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Well, I had plenty of time to design Amelie’s profile. Granted, it’s pretty minimal, but much more edited than a normal profile. But I finished her profile in about an hour (because I had had the format saved all ready on Notes).

I’m not entirely sure if this needs to be a thing. People make wolves and gradually edit their profiles over time anyway. And—agreeing with Citrus—they’re not really gonna be active or “time consuming” until… maybe 2 weeks at the earliest, but more like when they’re a month old, so that’s plenty of time.

It’s not like spicing up a profile is mandatory anyway. All that’s really needed is the pup and the player.

Oct 07, 2017 02:43 PM — Post #2

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I don’t see if there would be a need to wait until birth to be put on the pack page. It’s going to match the mother’s pack anyway. (Plus doing everything in one go is easier on the staff?)

To me the timer starts when the birthing thread begins. there’s isn’t any better place to start to be honest. Waiting until the actual birth would just cause delay, why wait lol The flow of time can’t be stopped.

Oct 07, 2017 03:00 PM — Post #3

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The only thing i have to add to this is that for me and probably some other mainly mobile users, it’s super difficult to create profiles on mobile. So if you aren’t able to reach a desktop or laptop once the birth thread starts, then you’d have to wait x amount of time to make it or ask for a staffer to create the account. I know that the staff would be happy to help, but it just seems like a bit of an unnecessary step. So yeah, I lean more toward being allowed to create the account before hand if you have access to a computer at that time. The way I see it, the pup isn’t going anywhere until it’s born anyway. I’m not saying all of the accounts should be allowed to be made as soon as a person receives the pup, but I definitely don’t see in harm in maybe a three or four day window to make the account before the birth thread actually happens.

Oct 28, 2017 09:56 PM — Post #4

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A pup is born as a fuzzy brick, I don’t even feel like they need to post in birthing threads (I think one of the puppies I played skipped it) since it’s just “Mom pooped out a fuzzy brick and named it Popeye” “The fuzzy brick sure was pooped out”. My point being, if it takes a few days to make the account, I don’t think the fuzzy brick is going anywhere—they can’t see or hear anyway for a couple weeks, or walk so much as weakly shimmy on their bellies. Looking up I guess I’m repeating what citrus/sam said?

It’s a fuzzy brick. It’s going to sit there being a fuzzy brick. Also if you can’t post right away, then, I dunno, post the next day? It’s allowed. you don’t have to spree a birth, because, as stated, the puptatoes sure aren’t doing anything for a while so if it takes three weeks to finish the birthing thread, what does it effect outside of that while everyone else assumes they’ve been finished being borned?

Oct 29, 2017 03:20 PM — Post #5

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Pup season is a crazy time for us and we, as staff, would like to keep things simple and avoid as much confusion as possible. Because pups are not capable of doing much other than gurgling and eating for the first few weeks, that should be plenty of time to fancy-fy their profiles, if you so choose. Additionally, we would like to avoid any potential age mix-ups that may arise from registering/accepting an account too early!

If you have an inactive account, you’re welcome to use that to test puppy profiles beforehand, as well.

Nov 06, 2017 09:29 AM — Post #6

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