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Adunati Rangers


{Bucky} was just a wolf searching for another lost wolf when he first entered the valley at the very tail end of winter, HY3. His journey to reconnect with his best friend {Nomad} took him from one side of the valley to another - and gave rise to encounters both positive and negative as he slowly became involved in local packs, stopping criminals, and helping others in need. Reunited one sunny summer day on the beach, Bucky and Nomad laid plans down to help wolves that had gotten into the same situation they had and been separated from someone they loved, and the idea for the Adunati Rangers was born.

{Caesar Proleator} knew what it was like to be parted from other wolves as well - the plucky she-wolf was the first to join Bucky and Nomad after the former fought at her side, gaining her loyalty. She was looking for her brother and two sisters, and after some travel the group located her brother {Pharaoh}, who also joined the cause. {Kaete} wasn't really ever planning to stick with the group as long as she did, they were all just initially going in the same direction. But the more she learned about the others the more she realized, after many ups and downs, she may have found a place she could finally fit in. {Pike}, the enthusiastic yearling, met Bucky by chance one day and wound up traveling with the band as well, choosing to stay for good after a few months in their company. And so these six stood together one autumn sunset on the cliff of the newly-named Wavehaven Gorge, and founded the Adunati Rangers.

Pack News

AR Witchhazel gives birth to a single daughter, and the newest Adunati Ranger is welcomed to the world by Percy, Eve and Braith. ("Flowers Of The Sea ")

AR Apple meets Eve, and the two she-wolves forge a friendship. ("A Helping Hand ")

AR It's teen pep talk time as Paloma comforts Eve about her future. ("Remember who you are ")

ARR Down in the dumps over her failure as a hunter, Eve encounters Crest. The well-meaning male tries to cheer her up, but his personality type proves a bit too strong for Eve. ("Practice makes perfect ")


Values and inner workings

“Loyalty to those we care for, integrity to stand by our beliefs, authenticity to show our true selves to others, compassion to help those in need - and above all, faith the spirit of friendship”

  • Ranger goals including locating lost wolves and reuniting them with loved ones, sharing valley news, providing aid and support to anyone in need, and serving as peacekeepers in Horizon Valley. Long range patrols, usually consisting of three pack members, are sent beyond the borders with these goals in mind.
  • Pack members are expected to show empathy and integrity - never to be used by others as mercenaries or common gossips. Versatility is also highly valued, with Rangers being expected to work to improve their skill at hunting, tracking, sparring and basic healing.
  • The pack is built on friendship, not dominance, and does not allow rank challenges. Cooperation is the key, and the pack are at heart, a group of family and friends, and expected to behave as such.
  • While known to be friendly and helpful, the pack does not tolerate known troublemakers. Rangers are however expected to solve issues with words before resorting to fighting.
  • Rangers are free to leave the territory at any time, but those who hope to embark on official long-range patrols are expected to hold to high standards of checking in, reporting back and actively contributing to the well-being of the pack.
  • Young wolves are the future and puppies should be both protected and cherished - but also taught how to deal with the world at large.


I. Lead Ranger
 — In overall charge of the pack. Coordinates long-range patrols, hunts and defense. Accepts new members and usually runs pack meetings. Protects pack members and territory alike. Expected to understand and be informed of news and missing wolves around the valley, and as such ought to be good with names and faces.

II. Councilor
 — Provides backup to the Lead Ranger and acts in their stead when they are unavailable or out on patrol. As seconds in command these should be wolves with a good sense of what is going on in the pack and the valley as a whole. Can accept new recruits and call pack meetings.

III. Healer — Responsible for carrying out healing duties such as caring for sick or injured wolves and gathering herbs.

III. Ranger — Though this is also used as a collective term for all pack members as a whole, the Rangers rank are the heart of the pack. Many Rangers may go on official long-range patrols, but a Ranger can alternately choose to stay at home, hunting, patrolling, and sparring. Rangers may choose a specific area to excel in, but are expected to maintain an all purpose understanding of not only hunting and defense but basic healing and tracking skills.

IV. Recruit — Members who have not yet established themselves as fully fledged Rangers or have specifically requested more training first. Also commonly given to new members to see how reliable they are and how well they fit into Ranger ideals.

IV. Trainee — Puppies. Encouraged to join in on day to day Rangers life, but should not be pushed to take life too seriously too soon.

Pack Statistics

Stats 6 · 7
1 Pups · 10 Births · 1 Deaths
Territories Wavehaven Gorge, Oak Savanna
Founded Full Autumn, HY3
Colors Adunati Amber &
Violet Seamist


I. Lead Ranger {Bucky}