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Evergreen Wolves


“Every great calamity is to be overcome by endurance”

{Willa Lee} wasn’t much of anybody when she came to Horizon Valley, in her fifth year. She’d thought that’s how it would always be, given her forlorn history, but it wasn’t even a few days before {Rigel} and she became travelling companions. Having made their way to the Evergreen Forest, they became acquainted with {Mari} and {Rufus Raight}. Kytes Serethi—who was known to all as Mari—and Rufus, proved to be extremely congenial wolves. The caves quickly became home to the four of them after having to seek shelter from the wet season, and Mari sustaining an injury.

{Cypress Gardens} was next to join their group—a yearling who did not seek purpose, but the most innocent of friendship—and Meinir, a young medic who wanted to expand her practices and find a family to settle down with. They had no troubles finding a place with the existing four wolves, and thus, the group unintentionally grew.

It was not by goal that the wolves became a pack, but that they’d found a home in the caves, and in one another’s company. It became apparent that each wolf had experienced one form of struggle or the other, and so, with the desire to continue growing as one, the Evergreen Wolves became in Full Summer of Horizon, Year 2.

Pack News

EW While exploring the caverns, Sorrel gets more than she bargained for when she falls into the pool. She's saved from drowning by Rathbone, however. ("The Deadlights")

EW Alina calls the Evergreens together to inform them that most of the pack has left. Those remaining pledge to work together and they appoint Alina as guardian. ("Is anyone there? ")

EW Rathbone and Leas finally meet Rufus when he brings a rabbit as a gift. They chat casually about the Evergreens and pups. ("Raindrops on the Rooftop ")

EW Leas gives birth to four pups with Rathbone at her side. Their excitement turns to sorrow when they realize that one of their daughters is stillborn. The other three, Adhara, Adler, and Auberon are all healthy and happy. ("A Gift That Lasts Forever")


Values and inner workings

“Grit and growth”

  • Focusing on growth of character and one’s abilities

  • Pack members are not inclined to do harm to those who pass their borders, and are instead, quite hospitable, unless given reason not to be

  • Wolves may have specific ranks to cover necessary duties, but every wolf is Kin, first and foremost. There is little, if any, dominance

  • Ranks operate under their own terms, with the Guardian overseeing appropriateness. This gives members of all ranks independence


II. Guardian
 — This wolf oversees that the general well being of the group be maintained while managing interpack relations. The pack’s Guardian will step in and intervene when they judge they should.

II. Adviser
 — The pack’s Adviser acts as the Guardian’s confidant and the pack's listening ear. Their duties, otherwise, are much like any members, but they may manage the ongoings of the pack if the Guardian is absent.

II. Aide — Aides are long-standing members who help guide and integrate new wolves into the pack. They are familiar with all sorts of information, such as where prime hunting grounds are, and the frequency of certain prey.

II. Herbalist — Herbalists are highly knowledgeable in matters of botany and medicinal practices. They are largely in charge of making sure the herb cache is well-stocked, and assisting members in recovering from illnesses and wounds. They also educate the pack on plant-based health.

II. Vigil — Vigils make it their duty to regularly patrol the pack’s borders. Although largely hospitable, Vigils do carry out the task of identifying threats, and dealing with them how they see fit.

II. Kin — As a family, all wolves in the pack are considered Kin before anything else. Such as with all pack members, Kin re-mark borders regularly, hunt, manage the cache, and accept new members. If a Kin takes interest in a particular duty, they may consult with the Mentors to have their rank altered, or a rank created. And, like every pack member, Kin have the ability to be the leading wolves in patrols and hunts.

Past Leaders

{Willa Lee} · 6 months
Full Summer, HY2 - Full Winter, HY3

{Rufus Raight} · 1 year, 3 months
Late Winter, HY3 - Late Spring, HY4
{Alina Spree} · 1 month
Late Spring, HY4 - Early Summer, HY4

Pack Statistics

Stats 7 · 7
10 Pups · 13 Births · 4 Deaths
Territories Everlasting Caverns
Founded Full Summer, HY2
Colors Woodland Green &
Tan Timber


II. Guardian {Rathbone}