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Firewing Brotherhood


Out of the ashes

Roman Aekyr arrived in Horizon during Autumn of Horizon Year 0, after the fall of Taiyae. He found his brother Verin's scent early on in his travels; Verin Aekyr had previously led the brothers’ birthpack, the Auraetus Guard, in Taiyae. After finally being reunited, the brothers both realized that the need for them to band together was strong— they needed to have stable hunting grounds, stable numbers surrounding them, and the strength of a pack— so with Roman leading the pack, they gathered recruits, some likely and others unlikely.

Some came from Taiyae— Dante, the brothers’ long-lost nephew, and Vesper and Chai, previous members of the Guard. Others, like Hija and Nyla Song, pledged their loyalty as well. After some deliberation, the pack was finally formed in Late Spring, HY1, when Roman called the wolves to Guarded Falls, a waterfall that Verin had discovered earlier in the season.

Pack News

ARFBTK Travel partners from the Brotherhood Natasha and Cygnus arrive at the Adunati Rangers to fill them in on the plans against the Kingdom. ("Reaching up to the sky ")

FBR Shy yearling Cygnus is determined to turn her life around, and takes up Natasha's offer to join the Firewing Brotherhood. Marzena accepts the girl into the ranks. ("Hunter")

FBSA Mika and Oliver check on the Brotherhood to see if Eyja has returned, and they discover from none other than the female herself that she has. ("We come in peace")

FB After a spar goes wrong between Marzena and Yakov, they share some more childish time together, as well as a nap at the base of the incline to the falls. ("No Vault of His Own")



Leader— The leader of the pack. Screens all new recruits, and leads hunting and war efforts with the help of the Lead Hunter and Warrior. Advised by the Second-In-Command. Has the final say in all decisions. Oversees training efforts and rank challenges.

Second-In-Command— The head adviser to the Leader, a trusted confidant. May also assume diplomatic responsibilities on the Leader’s behalf. Helps coordinate training efforts, and aids in conflict resolution.

Lead Warrior— Head fighter; assumed to be the strongest fighter in the pack. Coordinates fight training efforts and leads fight training and spar sessions. In the case of battle, gives commands independently, but reports directly to the Leader.

Lead Hunter— Head wolf in charge of hunting efforts. Leads pack hunts under delegation from the Leader, as well as hunt training sessions. Assumed to be an expert tracker.

Lead Healer— The Brotherhood’s resident expert on healing. Treats wounds and advises others in the matters of herbs and healing practices. Leads training sessions in healing.

Brothers— Wolves in the Brotherhood all have the same title, regardless of gender or age. What distinguishes them is their rank; Brothers constantly rearrange their ranks through dominance by way of spars. All Brothers are expected to constantly better themselves in hunting, fighting, and healing. All brothers are expected to hold their own, and help other brothers in need.


“Strength and loyalty”
  • The Brotherhood is a family, and each wolf is expected to hold his own, as well as protect the group.
  • Although ranks are determined by dominance via spars (and other trials, for Lead Hunter and Healer), each Brother in the family is treated with respect.
  • While its existence should be known, admittance into the Brotherhood comes with requirements. All recruits are to come to Counsel members.
  • Focus on personal strength through constant training— each wolf should have the ability to hunt, heal, and fight.
  • The Brotherhood’s protection comes at a price, that of sacrifice for the good of the group.

Past Leaders

{Roman Aekyr} · 1 year, 2 months
Late Spring, HY1 - Full Summer, HY2

{Verin Aekyr} · 6 months
Full Summer, HY2 - Early Winter, HY2

{Valentina Costa} · 11 months
Early Winter, HY2 - Late Autumn, HY3

Pack Statistics

Stats 5 · 8
4 Pups · 15 Births · 4 Deaths
Territories Guarded Falls
Founded Late Spring, HY1
Colors Aekyr Blue &
Brightfire Red


I. Leader {Marzena}
II. Second --
III. Lead Warrior III. Lead Hunter III. Lead Healer
-- {Natasha} --
The Brotherhood
Brothers - Puppies