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Hellmaw Empire


Disgusted by her son's insubordination and the violence that grew between them, Nima abandoned The Kingdom with the intent to build her own pack, composed of her most loyal followers. She sought refuge in the Skyrise mountains, where she met Belarus, a talented hunter whom she recruited to her cause. With his help, they were able to reunite with Wayfarer, Idemoni and Igbo. Belarus and Igbo also brought their companions Maia and Lux, creating the foundation of their new pack.

Pack News

HE In a desperate attempt to keep the Hellmaw wolves alive and together before winter hits, Igbo Black follows up on Kopec and Tunglid's short conversation to see if the wolves of the Moonglade Springs and the wolves of Hellmaw can merge together under certain circumstances. ("strike me with lightning and feed my corpse to the vultures")

ARHE Igbo Black of the Hellmaw Empire meets the Adunati Rangers patrol, Braith, Percival and Eve. He explains his daughter Lapis found their missing packmate Bayley and gives the patrol directions to them. ("Just wanna catch you if I can ")

FBHE From one end of the mountains to the other - Effie visits Hellmaw shortly after talking with Relic. Effie goes in search of Kopec and she finds her, along with Igbo. They talk and eventually, Effie reveals the location of Nima's grave - a small detail that the Hellmaw wolves seemed unaware of. ("They say we are what we are.")

HER As the seasons begin to change, a semi-flirty Tomas gets propositioned by June Bug to mate with her so she can die. Disbelief ensues. ("Impact vs Intention")



I. The Empress— The ultimate authority of the pack. The Empress is responsible for overseeing the wellbeing of all packmembers and has the final say in all decisions. She is the only wolf who can deem a member Loyal.

II. The Loyal— Wolves who have proven themselves to the Empress. They have authority over all Unproven, and may carry job titles related to their specific skills and what they can contribute to the pack. To be deemed Loyal, a wolf must pass a test as granted by the Empress.

III. The Unproven— Wolves who are newly recruited to the pack or who have yet to earn the Empress's favor. These wolves are subordinates and may be ordered about and commanded as necessary by their superiors, but excessive cruelty or bullying within the pack is looked down upon by the Empress.

Values and inner workings

The Empire is a safe haven for those wolves who do not fit in at other packs, whether due to perceived weaknesses or appetites and ambitions that run counter to standard morality. Members are encouraged to nurture their strengths and interests, and will not be stopped from indulging in their darker habits unless it breaks pack law.

  • Wolves are, above all, loyal to the Empress. Insubordination will not be tolerated.
  • Wolves may not bring trouble upon the pack. Members are responsible for their own actions outside the pack and will not be shielded from the consequences.
  • Internal disagreements should be settled between the wolves responsible, but the Empress's judgments are final.

Past Leaders

{Nima Daniels} · 5 months
Early Spring, HY4 - Late Summer, HY4

Pack Statistics

Stats This pack is no longer active.
Territories Hellmaw Caverns
Founded Early Spring, HY4
Colors Blood Red &
Ashen Gray


I. The Empress --
II. The Loyal
III. The Unproven