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Hillside Sanctuary


Fern arrived in Horizon in the Spring of year 2, after having left her home much further to the south. Some weeks after she met Ayla through a twist of fate. Shortly after, she was introduced to Mac and the three began the process of gathering a band of wolves to form a group that shared the same values. To build a sanctuary for other wolves. Throughout the year up until the early winter of year 2, they gradually began gathering more members. Gerwyn encountered Fern at her original home in the valley and agreed to come along. Argus whom had been living with Ayla joined them some weeks later during a meeting bout how they would go about founding it. After some convincing, Alex also joined their ranks, quickly followed by Mordecai. There was a meeting between the group to decide on where to settle and, thus the Riverside Hollow was born. A hollow that Ayla and Argus discovered and had been living at that was centrally located in the hills.

During Late Winter of year 3, Fern passed within Sanctuary grounds, peacefully. The pack was shaken by such an event and Argus had to step up to take on leading The Sanctuary. The pack survived the Winter and made it to Early Autumn of year 3, sustaining more tragedies throughout this time. Gerwyn and Thanos had passed, leaving more holes in the pack’s heart. As well, Argus had gone missing for a short time and come back with a head injury. Mordecai disappeared soon after Argus’ return. It all seemed to be too much for the little hill pack and soon Argus called those who were left and the pack disbanded.

Come the beginning of Full Winter of year 4, an old pack member, Nanook, had still been lingering around the territory since the disbandment. One day he stumbled across a group of strangers in The Hollow and after some intense first impressions, things settled and they all agreed to share the space. After speaking to Adonai and Sienna further, the three agreed to band together for the Winter. Later on, a pup named Senna joined them and now the little hill group is starting anew, hoping to create a true Sanctuary for those in The Valley.

Pack News

HEHSTK Hoping the Sanctuary will keep their word about offering troops, Nima ventures north to rally recruits for a fight against Elliot. She manages to recruit Sunfall -- and gets an unexpected surprise when she learns Sikozu is there as well. ("The Better to Eat You With, My Dear")

HSR Thrush comes across a severely depressed Caspian and though he is largely unresponsive, she sets his mind on a just slightly more positive course. ("Giving Up")

HSR After arriving with the Kingdom escapees, Catrine calls for Makki to talk about the kid's future. He agrees to join the Hillside Sanctuary (with a big ol happy cry), and leaves to fetch Neomii. ("Eat, drink, stay a while ")

HEHSSCTK As envoys from the Sanctuary and the Covenant arrive at the Hellmaw, Nima provides her official version of events about Elliot Daniels with the intention of setting the record straight -- and perhaps recruiting allies to her cause. ("Of gold and starlight")



I. Guardian — Head of the pack, in a way, more so the one who takes the brunt of the pack’s troubles. Will normally seek council from the Sages, as well they seek the entirety of the pack’s opinion on serious matters.

II. Sage —Teachers, wise wolves that have knowledge to pass down to younger and inexperienced wolves. Is usually an older wolf and regarded in high respect. A Sage may hold lessons for multiple wolves to attend, may be lessons in the chase, herbs, or life etc. They also are a form of council for the Guardian.

III. Seeker — Wolves that go out and search the land for those in need, the old, the young, the abandoned, the injured. They are wanders and explorers, adventurers. They may also seek information on what is going on in other areas, packs etc.

IV. Healer — A wolf that cares for, heals, and manages sick or injured wolves both within and outside The Sanctuary. They are usually knowledgeable in the way of herbs and often collect them for later use.

V. Chaser — Specialize in hunting and stocking up on food, though any wolf may hunt. These wolves focus on trying to feed every wolf in the pack. During times of strife, they may double as a warrior alongside the Protectors.

VI. Protector — Warriors of a sort who are there to defend the pack and ensure no members are harmed. Enacts force only when needed, instead focusing as a guard. First line of defense.

VII. Aspirant — New recruits which are still aspiring towards the rank they desire. These may consist of pups born in the spring, completely new recruits, or wolves who are not quite sure of their placing. These wolves can apprentice to wolves who have ranks.


  • Regards the safety of wolves above all else; functions as a sanctuary not only to pack members but to those in need. Wolves who mean harm are escorted out.
  • Ranks are implied and each has their own tasks but no wolves are forced to strictly adhere to their rank.
  • Training and preparation are encouraged but are not forced.
  • Strength is not measured in physical feats, but in what one individual can do with any skill which they possess.

Past Leaders

{Fern Gillespie} · 3 months
Full autumn, HY2 - Late winter, HY3

{Argus} · 7 months
Late winter, HY3 - Early autumn HY3

Pack Statistics

Stats 10 · 3
2 Pups · 2 Births · 1 Deaths
Territories Riverside Hollow
Founded Full Winter, HY4
Colors Fern Green &
Coyote Brown


The Head
I. Guardian {Nanook Himura}
II. Sage --
The Heart
The Body
The Soul