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Imperial Faction


In the wake of the fire that destroyed Blanc Point, the ancestral meeting place of the family for which it was named, {Crixus} and {Abaddon Blanc} set out to find lost members of their family, eventually coming to Horizon in Full Summer of HY4. Before long, they met {Kaya}, and though Abaddon didn't care for her, Crixus took a shine to her ambitious personality and quickly invited her to be a part of the pack he planned to make.

They were pleased when later, their cousin {Larisa}, who later became mates with Crixus, showed up and agreed to stay as well. It was she who suggested they explore the island in the bay that was later named Pearl Isle and made their territory. Abaddon left to find his children not long after, and the months until Winter were spent seeking reasonable recruits. The final addition to make things official was {Dragomir}, another cousin of the Blanc family, who was welcomed openly and quickly fit into the pack's dynamics.

Abaddon returned not long after, and it seemed for a while as if everything would be just as Crixus had hoped, when his brother drowned in the bay, having been caught by a winter storm. The family took their time to grieve, but Crixus would not be dissueded from his task. In Full Winter of HY5, he called the pack together to discuss ranks, and the Imperial Faction was born.

Pack News

IFR Things are heating up on Pearl Isle for the Imperial Faction when Kaya brings home Yael as a potential new member, oblivious to her mate Dragomir's instant attraction to the younger woman. Pepper tries to assist Kaya when an unexpected and largely unwelcome family member crashes the party. ("And oppertunity came knocking ")

IF Kaya Silvano tests Pepper with a large game hunt, and after he excels she accepts him into the Imperial Faction. ("Tests of character ")

ARIF Tamaska meets Crixus and commits a Big Oops. ("The Search for Something More")

ARIF Fleeing from her home, Larisa stumbles into Bucky on the coast. After explaining her plight and fear of the Imperial Faction he agrees that she can, at least temporarily, shelter with the Rangers. ("Trouble always comes back around ")


Values and Inner Workings

  • Focused on maintaining bloodlines that promote their values for what wolves should be: strong, intelligent, and dedicated
  • While the pack is split into two main branches, some duties may overlap and cooperation between them is encouraged
  • Ranks are given by the Gladius, and may be challenged for


I. Gladius — The leader of the pack. Has final say in all decisions, but accepts the council of both the Arcus and the Galea.

II. Arcus — Leads the Sagita. Responsible for recruitment and training of warriors and hunters. Can delegate all mainland-related tasks.

II. Galea — Leads the Manica. Responsible for recruitment of healers and ensuring the education of younger pups.

III. Sagita — Warriors, hunters, and scouts. Their primary patrol area is on the mainland outside of the pack's boundaries.

III. Manica — Healers, fishers, pupsitters, and on-island scouts. Primarily work within the back's borders.

IV. Novicius — Pups. Initially tutored by the Manica, but sent to work with the Sagita if talent is shown.

Pack Statistics

Stats 3 · 2
0 Pups · 0 Births · 0 Deaths
Territories Pearl Isle
Founded Full Winter, HY5
Colors Citrine Gold &
Smokey Onyx


I. Gladius {Crixus}
I. Gladia {Kaya}
II. Arcus --
II. Galea {Yael}