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Northern Realm


After leaving the Starshatter Basin and its inhabitants in Early Winter, HY4, {Astred} vows to find a safe haven for her mate, {Damien}, and his best friend, {Daniel}. Before they take their leave, the trio tie up loose ends with the acquaintances they’d left behind.

Shortly after, they are introduced to {Marceline}, who they inform of their intentions to leave the south. She agrees to travel with her son and his comrades northwards to find salvation. Once the small group reaches the Verdant Hills, Astred decides to not only find a new home for her new family, but to build a pack as well. They head further up the valley until they are reunited with Damien’s brother {Lestat} and his mate {Sienna}. Shortly after a brief disagreement between the two parties, Astred and her companions continue to make their way further into the northern reach until they find a frozen fall and claim it as their own.

In the midst of Full Spring, HY5, Astred makes the Northern Realm official and forms their everlasting bonds in the heart of the Kingsfall Cascade. Also present are Sienna, {Safira}, {Rhee}, {Wrenn}, and {Willow}.

Pack News

NR Northern Realm leader Damien and roving desert rogue Ruby have a brief encounter by Astred's graveside. ("Tip your waiter ")

NRR Ozias's stay with the Northern Realm comes to an abrupt end. ("Ain’t exactly what my heart expected ")

NRR Azura Fil is caught trespassing, and pays the price in a tussle with Damien and Baltasar with her ear. ("Definitely Not Deja Vu")

NRR With the help of an old acquaintance, Damien buries the Realm's fallen Valkyrie. ("filthy impetuous soul")


Values and inner workings

“We will leave this world better than we found it.”

  • Each member of the Realm is responsible for themselves. Their actions will reflect on them, may they be good or bad. The Realm commands respect for all other tribes in the valley, may they be of benevolent nature, and will tolerate no qualms of any sort unless justified.
  • Though their main priority is to protect their own and prosper, the Realm also specializes in the protection of the valley against harmful intruders or malicious enemies of any of their allies.
  • Members of the pack are expected to remain loyal to the core, both to their comrades-in-arms and to their Valkyrie herself. However, the Realm will not restrict leaving the ranks of their home if any wolf so wishes, save for the rank of Shieldmaiden. Members of the Realm are allowed to travel away from home if they wish but are assumed to stand for and protect the Realm in their times of greatest need and to other packs of the valley as well.
  • Any enemies of the Realm will be dealt with accordingly.


I. Valkyrie
 — She is the head of the tribe, the chooser of the slain. The Valkyrie has complete say over pack matters and holds meetings whenever necessary. She is advised by the Aesir and takes all suggestions into consideration. She will oversee the initiation of Novices into the Realm and appoints Vikings to head rankings. The Valkyrie fearlessly leads her pack with strength and honor.

II. Aesir
 — They are the most trusted member of the Realm and are allowed to co-lead along the Valkyrie’s side. They may take control of diplomatic issues, Novice training, and other larger matters. They are the Valkyrie’s closest confidant and are relied on to lead the Realm while the Valkyrie is away.

III. Shieldmaiden — For every Valkyrie, there are three Shieldmaidens. Were a male to become to the successor of the Realm, the role would be translated to Bloodriders. The Shieldmaidens are all female and are the most trusted council members in the entire tribe next to the Aesir. They act as handmaidens or personal guards and accompany the Valkyrie when she departs for diplomatic journeys. They are sworn to the Valkyrie for life. This is the only rank in the realm that is punished by death if deserted. The Shieldmaidens are also the most respected members of the Realm aside from the Valkyrie and her Aesir.

IV. Warlord — The Warlord is the most experienced and skilled warrior in the tribe. They are in charge of training Dvergar and Novices in the ways of battle. If a conflict breaks out between the Realm and another tribe, the Warlord will sit among the council alongside the Aesir and the Valkyrie to pass judgement and make decisions. They may promote Novices to Vikings with the permission of the Valkyrie.

IV. Maester — The Maester is the most experienced in herbal and medical knowledge. They serve as healers and are well educated about matters of injuries, illnesses, and pregnancies. They are dedicated to returning any disabled wolf to their full potential health and may help deliver Dvergar from their mothers. They may promote Novices to Vikings with the permission of the Valkyrie.

IV. Jotunn — The Jotunn is the lead hunter of the tribe. They plan and coordinate hunting trips and are charged with keeping the pack well fed during all of the seasons. They have the full respect of the Valkyrie and are trusted with the lives of the Realm members. They take charge of training Novices and Dvergar in the ways of hunting with permission from the Valkyrie and may sit on the council when the time is right. They may promote Novices to Vikings with the permission of the Valkyrie.

IV. Elivagar — They are the shadow of the pack. The whisperer. They must be silent as stone and swift as the wind. They act as the lead scout for the Valkyrie and report on sightings of rogue wolves in the territory of the Realm and prey to assist the Jotunn. They are allowed to train Novices and Dvergar in the ways of their silence if they so wish and have the full respect of the Valkyrie herself. They may promote Novices to Vikings with the permission of the Valkyrie.

V. Viking — The standard members of the pack. They are the warriors, the healers, the hunters, and the spies. Some may hold no particular skill at all. There is no discrimination of a Viking by ways of being female or male; young or old. They are the Novices that are promoted to loyal members of the pack, a decision that has been made by the Valkyrie and her councilors. Constantly, Vikings are expected to prove their worth through acts of strength or service to the Realm. They are what hold the tribe together.

VI. Novice — The Novices are the recent recruits of the Realm. They have been accepted into the tribe by the Valkyrie herself but now must earn a place among the ranked wolves. They will be trained by the Warlord, the Maester, the Jotunn, or the Elivagar until they are proficient enough in a certain skill to be called a Viking. Promotion from a Novice to a Viking will be decided by the Valkyrie and/or the Aesir, or by one of the four councilors.

VII. Dvergur — The Dvergur are the youngest members of the Realm, exempt from harsh physical training. Their job is to learn from the other members of the tribe until they come of age and become Vikings. They are to be protected by every member of the Northern Realm and are considered the most precious of assets.

Pack Statistics

Stats 4 · 4
4 Pups · 0 Births · 0 Deaths
Territories Kingsfall Cascade
Founded Full Spring, HY5
Colors Sanguine Red &
Icy Aquamarine


I. Valkyrie --
II. Aesir {Damien}
III. Shieldmaidens {Marceline}
IV. Warlord --
IV. Maester --
IV. Jotunn --
IV. Elivagar --