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Rogues do not officially affiliate themselves with any pack. Rogues are Lone Wolves when they enter Horizon. A wolf's life can be difficult when he lives on his own, and many wolves cannot survive as loners for long. Rogues roam as they please across the entire valley of Horizon, but some stick to their favorite haunts. However, they may run into trouble if they cross claimed pack boundary lines.

Pack News

R The future is uncertain for Theodore and Seeker as they come down from the mountains where they discovered Emmalynn's grave. The boys make tentative plans when Seeker's sisters Stormfront and Sonya fail to heed their call. ("I want a moment to be real ")

ARR Bucky meets a stranger at the borders asking for Nima Daniels, and reunites with Kaete only to receive a lukewarm welcome despite his efforts to share something special. ("That part’ll happen pretty definitely ")

R Akatari enter the Hellmaw Caverns responding to Nima's call for Kiel. Unlucky for her, Belarus and Kiel show up, and a fight ensues. Akatari loses her life within her first hours of entering the Valley. ("Whenever I Want You All I Have to Do is Dream ")

HER Alexis returns to Hellmaw Empire, desperate to join. She is intercepted by Belarus, who had been ordered to keep her away. When she refuses to leave, he charged at her, hoping to chase her off. Instead, she asks for death and he gives it to her. ("A Second Try Couldn't Hurt?")



Pack Statistics

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Founded November Y0
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