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Rogues do not officially affiliate themselves with any pack. Rogues are Lone Wolves when they enter Horizon. A wolf's life can be difficult when he lives on his own, and many wolves cannot survive as loners for long. Rogues roam as they please across the entire valley of Horizon, but some stick to their favorite haunts. However, they may run into trouble if they cross claimed pack boundary lines.

Pack News

RSAUF Maaike and Lemming arrive at Uruz territory, sent by Kamaal herself, to ask if anyone from the pack has seen Titania. ("What do you think is gonna happen? ")

R Incredibly bored yearling Asher Redmond faces quite the predicament when he sticks his nose into an anthill. ("Making Mountains Out of Molehills- Err..Anthills?")

FBR Shy yearling Cygnus is determined to turn her life around, and takes up Natasha's offer to join the Firewing Brotherhood. Marzena accepts the girl into the ranks. ("Hunter")

RSC After expressing interesting in meeting with the pack leaders, Damien brings Var to Starshatter Basin, where they find Stephan and Relic. After some deliberation, Var decides to join their cause as a huntress. ("Black Blood")



Pack Statistics

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Founded November Y0
Colors Black &