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Rogues do not officially affiliate themselves with any pack. Rogues are Lone Wolves when they enter Horizon. A wolf's life can be difficult when he lives on his own, and many wolves cannot survive as loners for long. Rogues roam as they please across the entire valley of Horizon, but some stick to their favorite haunts. However, they may run into trouble if they cross claimed pack boundary lines.

Pack News

R Where the Emerald Union once stood, Adrian and Epidemic take awhile to get on the same page. ("Unforgiven.")

RTK Catrine meets Elliot at The Kingdom borders and the two have a short discussion about The Kingdom. The conversation leaves both of them frustrated. ("Investigations ")

RST After finding the dead body of Tidus, Regent is the one to break the news to Yuna. The widow asks if she can go see him one last time. ("Scuttling")

EWR Scotch, Whiskey, and Wayfarer make it to the caves after a vicious battle with members of The Kingdom. The stories they share leave more questions than answers for Rufus and Mari. ("Crawling back to you")



Pack Statistics

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Founded November Y0
Colors Black &