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Rogues do not officially affiliate themselves with any pack. Rogues are Lone Wolves when they enter Horizon. A wolf's life can be difficult when he lives on his own, and many wolves cannot survive as loners for long. Rogues roam as they please across the entire valley of Horizon, but some stick to their favorite haunts. However, they may run into trouble if they cross claimed pack boundary lines.

Pack News

ARR Fallei eventually catches up with an infuriated Jaya who wandered from the coast. After a significant amount of yelling, Fallei finally confesses his love for the small girl, as an awkward Bucky and a clueless Alessandro look on. ("Yes! Feel my unbridled rage!")

FBR Seeker has a seizure in the Prairies, and is unfortunately found by Klass, who carries a grudge against Brotherhood pack members. Klass decides to kill Seeker while he is weak, but the ensuring fight attracts some surprising attention... not only Klass's mate Holly, but Seeker's long lost sisters who have been tracking him... ("When the sky goes dark")

R With only a few goodbyes left to say, Meir tries to find those important to him before leaving for the beach. Only Aran comes, and Meir hopes to bring him with him. ("Futamono")

ARR In the midst of a windstorm newcomer to the valley Saskia tries to shelter on the notably lacking-in-cover Strongwind Range, but help is headed her way in the form of Bucky. ("The Wind in My Fur ")



Pack Statistics

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Founded November Y0
Colors Black &