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Silu Tribe


After {Pace Aekyr} arrived back in Horizon in the winter of HY2, she met a wolf living on the coast named {Nianki}, who asked her to join the forming Silu Tribe. But as time went on, it became clear that Nianki would not be able to fulfill her desire to make a coastal wolf pack, she passed the job over to Pace. With that responsibility driving her the way nothing else had driven her before, Pace made all effort she could to recruit like-minded wolves, starting out slowly with her good friend {Eerik Holt} and her eventual mate, {Vincent Laroche}.

Ultimately the addition of others like {Lark Kau}, {Vaska}, {Clementine Rummage}, and {Astrid Holt} finding the coast charming or reassuring for whatever personal reasons, allowed Pace to finally call together an official group and make a claim on the Hidden Cove in the Early Spring of HY3.

Pack News

ST Former Silu Tribe second in command, Vincent, is reunited with Yuna. The healer tells him his mate Pace is sick and he ought to go to her, though with some misgivings. ("Keep me safe, keep me warm ")

RST An unwell Pace returns to the valley without success after trying to find her family. But going home is made difficult by illness, and Maverick comes to her aid. ("I’ll Be Back From The Dead Soon")

ST Yuna calls Momo and Splash to tell them about Chai and Dante's deaths. ("It never fades away")

ST Momo decides to seek out the closest thing she has as a mother, Yuna, for some insight on her lost family. ("just ask")



I. Halcyon — Leader of the Tribe. Responsible for all the wolves in her pack and accepting new members.

II. Moonlight — In charge of the Tribe’s medical needs. Has great bedside manner.

II. Grizzly — Defender of the Tribe, also responsible for giving defensive lessons.

III. Collector — Premier shell-hunter of the Tribe.

III. Riptide — Provide support to any Tribemate in need, ensuring everybody stays well and strong.

III. Chaser — Hunters and fisherwolves, but specialize in land based prey.

III. Wayfarer — A recruiter for the pack, taking short trips to scout for new members and welcome them to the Tribe.

IV. Friend — Basic members of the pack not expected or asked to do more than they want to, but allowed to help or defend as they may wish.

IV. Seashell — Puppies. Must be protected and unbroken.

Values and inner workings

  • The Tribe respects the ocean and the beach. As a result they do not cache food as food from the ocean rots quickly and no more than needs to be taken for immediate eating should be taken.
  • The Tribe is expected to leave “seabears” (re: sea lions or seals) alone

  • The Tribe does not harass rogues unless harassed first. Don’t give grief unless you’ve been given grief.
  • The beach should be a safe space for all those who mean well.
  • The Tribe does not specifically mark its territory, though it should be obvious from gathered scent as to where they live.
  • Everyone within the Tribe is important, and has a voice, but no one should take themselves too seriously.

Pack Statistics

Stats 1 · 6
4 Pups · 8 Births · 4 Deaths
Territories Hidden Cove
Founded Early Spring, HY3
Colors Coral Pink &
Sea Green


I. Halcyon {Pace}
II. Moonlight {Yuna}
II. Grizzly {Peregryn}
III. Collector {Momo}
III. Riptide {Splash}
III. Chaser {Dawnfrost}
III. Wayfarer {Arashi}