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Soulfire Covenant


Having escaped from a life of suppression and demand in his natal pack, Relic set out to discover not only himself, but his purpose in life and find a new pack to live with that resonated with him.

In late winter of Horizon Year 4, he met Stephan and they bonded seamlessly over similarities in the packs they've escaped from and decided to travel west together the following spring. In the meantime, Relic met Sienna, who he became enamored with and spent time getting to know. As Relic spent time away from Stephan, Bea came into the picture and was also invited along in the journey.

A few weeks of travel later, after the news of Bea becoming pregnant came to light, Relic had decided that they needed more than just adventure. They needed a new home and a strong sense of security. After weighing out their options, he decided to start his own pack and they immediately set out to find their permanent home in the southern mountains before the pups were born into the world.

Eventually they discovered their new home. After overcoming a slew of obstacles together and growing even closer in the process, Relic brought everybody together during full spring of Horizon Year 4 to create the Covenant.

Pack News

RSC Daniel stumbles upon the scene of Harlow's suicide and finds June eating her fill. ("Goodnight, Irene")

ARRSC Returning to the valley, Eve meets Anna and the two girls wind up friends. Eve however is worried about her old packmates and resolves to get home as quickly as possible. ("I am not a stranger to the dark ")

RSC After reluctantly agreeing to fix the mess made by Elliot's murderers, Relic and Astred not only meet Nero and Kyra but are able to talk to the children and offer their help. ("I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife")

RSC Daniel leads Marceline to the basin where the older woman meets Claes and her son Damien in an uncomfortable encounter for all. ("tear in my heart")


Values and Inner Workings

The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb
  • The Soulfire wolves work to establish boundaries between right and wrong and act accordingly.
  • They do not typically act upon selfish notions and instead focus on the well-being of the pack overall, holding true to values of fortitude and community.
  • The Covenant is welcome to most wolves - be them weak, elderly, injured, etc - however, they are expected to play a role in the pack in some way at some point in time. The Covenant is not welcome to those with malicious intent.
  • A peaceful pack that harbors no strict boundaries, though members are expected to attend pack meetings when held and all able-bodied wolves are also expected to extend their help if an attack occurs.
  • Members may bring guests into pack territory whenever desired, though the actions of the guests fall heavily upon the member who brought them in.


I. Lumen – First in command. In charge of the pack overall. Holds pack meetings, works to uphold both spoken and unspoken laws and revise where needed. Has the ultimate say in more complicated crimes and punishments and is available to offer advice or assistance however it is needed. If a more serious issue arises, the Lumen will gather with the Archon and whomever else they think necessary to resolve the issue in the pack's best interest. Those wishing to join the Covenant will face the Lumen's judgement for final acceptance.

II. Archon – Second to the Lumen in all things except recruit acceptance, though they can have a powerful sway in this area. The Archon is the Lumen's most trusted ally/friend and is the one wolf whose opinions will be taken into the most serious consideration. Has the ability and duty to reprimand others where needed. Will always be included in large decision-making processes and helps to keep the Lumen's choices fair and unbiased.

III. Ascendants – Greeters/guides/scouts. Wolves with this title act as those who welcome and help integrate new members into the pack. They are known to be friendly and very helpful and can answer any questions as well as bring wolves seeking acceptance to the Lumen. These wolves also help with pack relations in general and sometimes are sent as messengers to discuss issues or certain topics in the Lumen or Archon's stead. Ascendants also work closely with the Lumen and Archon and act as the Covenant's eyes and ears; they report any wealth of controversial happenings in the pack to the Lumen directly.

III. Exalted – Elders. These wolves are considered too old or feeble to assist in hunting, fighting, or scouting. Given they are the oldest and most experienced members in the way of life, they are the prime members to seek out to shed advice on a topic or life event. They can also help with pupsitting, though this is not a requirement unless specified or sought out by the parents.

III. Huntmaster – Lead hunter. Expected to coordinate pack hunts. Also responsible for leading hunt training and, ideally, tracking of prey. May also fight alongside Guardians in their own style. Is not required to summon the Lumen or the Archon in making hunting-related decisions, including promoting Astrals to Stalkers. Also primarily supervises pup hunts.

III. High Guardian – Lead warrior. This wolf has earned their title and is in charge of training Guardians and those wishing to be Guardians and has the Lumen's trust in independently coordinating battles. Has the ability to promote Astrals to Guardians.

III. Grand Cleric – Lead healer. This wolf is appointed after exhibiting exceptional medicinal skills in every aspect. Has the most knowledge of herbs and how to utilize them. Is in charge of taking on those wishing to become Clerics and may appoint those they deem fit.

IV. Stalkers – Hunters. Expected to maintain the fullness and quality of the pack cache during all seasons and are trusted enough to not take more than their fair share. May fight alongside Guardians if needed.

IV. Guardians – Warriors. Members that are more experienced in fighting. There is no physical requirement to be a Guardian aside from being physically fit enough, as the Lumen believes a successful pack comprises of diversity and unique style.

IV. Clerics – Healers. These wolves are skilled in the ways of healing and medicine and are expected to assist the Grand Cleric with any pregnancies, injuries, or illnesses and maintaining the herb cache. They are allowed to assist injuries or illnesses on their own, though are encouraged to summon the Grand Cleric if needed. These wolves also actively gather herbs and supplies needed for emergency situations.

V. Astrals – Basic members of the pack. Do not have any specific roles, though are expected to uphold the pack's values and functions and work together to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. May assist any other member of the pack regardless of rank, though may not overstep their boundaries where their expertise lacks.

VI. Starlights – Puppies! These members are typically too young to go off on their own or defend themselves and, therefore, must have adult supervision at all times (easier said than done with the rebellious ones). They must gain permission before going anywhere or doing anything that requires leaving pack lands. Parents and elders are their prime source of supervision.

Pack Statistics

Stats 5 · 3
2 Pups · 2 Births · 0 Deaths
Territories Starshatter Basin
Founded Full Spring, HY4
Colors Moonstrike Indigo &
Solarflare Red


I. Lumen {Relic}
II. Archon {Stephan}
III. Huntmaster III. High Guardian III. Grand Cleric
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