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Starfall Cadre


Lyra and Nyx Penumbra fled from their homeland with only one goal in mind: to find some place where they could live that would be free of the turmoil and strife they experienced in their natal pack. Lyra did not set out to be a leader, but the need to protect her sister from the dangers they had faced in their life as rogues spurred her to become one. She wanted to protect those who needed her protection, and bring together those lost souls who needed some place to call home.

That dream became a reality when she met with other like-minded wolves- Kestrel, a young she-wolf seeking her own path in life, and Finn, who was searching for companions he had met in the valley and come to care about. Lyra helped bring them all together, forging a family in this new valley, and in late autumn of Year One, Lyra, Nyx, Kestrel, Finn, and Gerrik formed the Starfall Cadre on the shores of Cloudmirror Lake.

Pack News

SC Finally, Makki and Neomiizana leave the Cadre for good. ("We are Forest Fairies")

RSC Still traveling together, Caspian and Albus reach the borders of the Starfall Cadre. Caspian is hoping to see his sister and ask about joining; Albus however is terrified of the pack's reaction to his running away. ("We Are Groot")

SC With Charcoal's departure leading to a forfeit in their competition, Ryd becomes de facto Keeper of the Starfall Cadre. Faithful, Charcoal's sister, asks Ryd to make her Inquisitor. ("The Reboot")

SC Pierre and Blaise consider leaving the Cadre, and Pierre goes to seek out Charcoal. He's very sure his brother wants to come along. But as soon as they meet, Charcoal does not seem happy about the plan. He says he hates Blaise, and Pierre and Charcoal start an argument. ("Are you with me?")



I. Keeper — Leader of the pack, the wolf with the highest authority and the final say in all pack decisions. Responsible for the general welfare of all wolves in the pack.

II. Inquisitor — Second-in-command, acting as a second pair of eyes for the Keeper and helping to maintain order in the pack. This wolf also coordinates pack hunts.

III. Emissary — Wolves who frequently go beyond the pack borders and bring news of what is happening in the rest of the valley. Emissaries are also expected to spread word of the pack and bring in new members, as well as facilitate inter-pack relations.

III. Sentinel —Helps patrol the pack’s borders and territory, identifying threats to the pack, whether wolf or otherwise. This wolf is expected to defend the pack, and reports directly to the Keeper.

IV. Cohort —Regular pack members without specific assigned duties. Each wolf is expected to be able to contribute to the pack in some way, and hierarchy is determined between individual pack members.

Past Leaders

{Lyra} · 1 year, 2 months
Late Autumn, HY1 - Full Winter, HY3

{Pierre} · 11 months
Full Winter, HY3 - Early Winter, HY3

{Ryd} · 4 months
Full Winter, HY4 - Full Spring, HY4

Pack Statistics

Stats This pack is no longer active.
Territories Wormwood Grove
Founded Late Autumn, HY1
Disbanded Full Summer, HY4
Colors Dusk Lavender &
Starlight Silver


I. Keeper --
II. Inquisitor --
III. Sentinel III. Emissaries
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