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Stormborn Alliance


{Atlas} arrived in Horizon during summer of Year One. Forced to abandon his familial pack, the young wolf wandered into the valley by chance and ultimately decided it was a good a place as any to plant his roots. He remained a nomad for some time, but he was never alone for long. {Inigo} and {Oakley} were among his first acquaintances, and by fall the three of them had taken up residence at Falcon Rise. Early in winter, they gained another ally in the form of {Gulliver}, a young wolf Atlas had met late in the previous season. And by mid-winter, yet another friend joined their ragtag band: one of Atlas’ old traveling buddies, {Poet}.

In the process of collecting this group of friends, Atlas gradually (and unwittingly) became de facto leader of their would-be pack. And with the others looking up to him and seeking his guidance, he would eventually rise to take this role in earnest. In late winter of Year One, he summoned his friends to Falcon Rise to formally claim the territory for their own and make their pack official. With dark clouds gathering on the horizon, the five of them forged the Stormborn Alliance.

Pack News

ARSA Nomad goes to seek out Shade at the Stormborn Alliance, only to meet Jay and hear the Stormborn Alliance has disbanded. ("Knock knock! Neighbor is here to borrow your lawn mower and not return it for a year!")

SA Atlas informs Poet and Josalyn of his intention to disband the Stormborn Alliance, and the three friends talk of a future without the pack. ("to everything there is a season ")

RSA Maaike makes up her mind to leave the Stormborn Alliance... and the entire valley. Her friend Scott agrees to go with her. ("I’ll miss you ")

SA Feeling lost, Shade decides to leave the Alliance. He meets up with Jingo who has a similar plan and they agree to leave together soon. ("You could still be what you want to be, what you said you were when I met you.")



I. Titan – Leader of the Stormborn Alliance, the Titan is responsible for the pack’s overall safety and well-being. This includes spearheading training efforts, directing pack meetings, and generally keeping order. All potential recruits must meet with him to join the Alliance. As the wolf with the highest level of authority, he has the final say in any decisions relating to the pack; however, he is always open to input from the Wardens.

II. Warden – All ordinary members of the pack are assigned the title of Warden, often added as a prefix to their name when speaking formally. Their basic duties include hunting, training, and defending the pack when the need arises. They also act as a council to the Titan and are welcome to offer their input on matters related to the pack. While Warden is a general title, wolves in this rank typically excel in certain areas: hunting, tracking, fighting, healing, or any other skill that can benefit the pack as a whole. A Warden’s more specific duties typically revolve around their specialties.

III. Apprentice – Young and/or inexperienced wolves training to become Wardens are given the rank of Apprentice. These wolves may receive training from any number of Wardens; however, as they begin to hone specific skills, they will often seek out a mentor. An Apprentice may be promoted once they display sufficient skill. In the case of young wolves, they must reach at least one year of age before the request for promotion can be made.

Values and Inner Workings

  • The wolves of the Stormborn Alliance hold fast to virtue and valor. Above all they value integrity, compassion, and courage in the face of adversity. They strive to be a force for good in the world, and as a result they are primarily a benevolent, peaceful pack. However, the Stormborn wolves will stand their ground when necessary and will not hesitate to carry out justice where it is due.
  • All members are expected to carry their own weight as best they can. However, the pack will not reject those who might be deemed weak or otherwise incapable. Their core belief is that every wolf has something to offer, and the Alliance seeks to help all of its members reach their full potential.
  • Because the pack’s hierarchy is based on skill rather than dominance, members cannot challenge for a higher rank. Sparring is encouraged as a training method, but the outcome of a spar has no effect on a particular member’s standing in the pack.
  • Wardens may recruit potential members for the Alliance, but prospective initiates must meet with the Titan in order to gain admittance.

Pack Statistics

Stats This pack is no longer active.
Territories Falcon Rise · Thunder Creek
Founded Late Winter, HY2
Colors Radiant Gold &
Electric Blue


I. Titan --