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Twilight Vanguard


The Twilight Vanguard began as little more than a childish dream to a boy who idolized his Chief. Raised in the Emerald Labyrinth to the pack that originally claimed it, {Icarus Dusk} grew up aspiring to serve his loved ones just as the Chief of the Northern Order did.

Despite many obstacles, including missing friends, the disbanding of the Order, and a brief departure from the valley, Icarus soon returned to rally his friends under one common goal: to protect one another, and to build a home. His efforts were bolstered by {Aksel Holt}, another child of the Order, and {Ross Thorn}, a surly, one-eyed stranger their age. They settled the long abandoned Emerald Labyrinth and were joined soon after by the blind medic, {Opal}, and the spitfire {Epidemic}, who befriended a traveler {Kronos Aelius} and convinced him to stay. The group of friends was unified by the presence of a small family already living in the labyrinth, {Artem}, {Atalya}, and their son {Aiden}.

Together, the group of them formed the Twilight Vanguard, a home for all those who were once lost.

Pack News

FBTV Natasha calls Kronos to find out why he's come to the Brotherhood with two girls, Pyre and Ego, in tow. Valkyrie meets her father for the first time. Nat learns the Twilight Vanguard have all left, including the girl's mother, and Kronos has taken in the twins and come to join the Firewing Brotherhood. Natasha accepts them in, though not without reservations. ("Time can heal, but the scars only hide the way you feel ")

TV When Kronos discovers that half of the Twilight Vanguard is gone, including his love interest, Epidemic, he rounds up her children and decides to take them to the Brotherhood. ("Picking Up the Pieces")

RTV Meir reunites with Josalyn, causing him to remember the memories he'd kept hidden from himself for so long. ("and the woman clothed in sun")

RTV Loer is taken to the Twilight Vanguard by a wolf named Kronos, and eventually Loer is accepted into the pack. ("Hello new home")


Values and Inner Workings

“Alone, we were lost. Together, we are found.”

The Vanguard values loyalty and bonds above all else. The pack operates on an expectation to protect and support one another during times of strife or danger. While there are no strict laws about how someone serves the pack or where someone can go, it is generally expected that wolves perform the tasks ascribed to their role and inform someone if they plan on leaving the territory for an extended period of time.

  • One shall not pass judgment on their packmates for qualities they cannot control: age, gender, or appearance.
  • The circumstances of one’s arrival in the Vanguard shall not influence others’ perceptions of them, as long as one does not use them as an excuse for malicious behavior.
  • One shall not perform malicious or manipulative acts toward packmates or strangers in need.
  • Guests are welcome into the Vanguard for as long as they require sanctuary. If a guest is shown to have overstayed their welcome, the Vanguard will proceed with either an offer to serve the Vanguard, or an escort out of the territory.


I. Chief — The Chief, while not claiming any superiority over their packmembers, is instead the wolf with the most pressing responsibility to protect and guard their packmates. The Chief will make any necessary decisions to satisfy this goal, and will ultimately determine if a wolf may join the Vanguard or must leave the territory. They will handle any concerns from packmates in an effort to provide a safe, comfortable environment, and is expected to constantly strive for the prosperity of the Twilight Vanguard.

II. Packmate — All other members of the Vanguard are simply referred to as packmates. They may bear a particular role with specific tasks that they are expected to carry out in order to serve the Vanguard and their other packmates. No packmate is superior over another, and all are expected to show respect and understanding to their fellow packmates. Examples of roles that a packmate can fulfill may be: Hunter, Warrior, Guardian, Quartermaster, Sentry, Advisor, Emissary, Medic, Teacher, etc. The Vanguard will always work to assign the most fitting role to a packmate based on their skills and preferences.

II. Quartermaster — The Quartermaster’s responsibilities revolve around ensuring the pack’s resources are in order. The Quartermaster will monitor food and herb cache locations and levels, cutting down, adding, or moving caches as necessary. They will also monitor the scent markers around the territory and refresh them as they see fit. The Quartermaster may regularly hunt and patrol around the territory when time permits.

II. Guardian — Guardians are the powerhouses of the Vanguard. Their primary objective is to ensure the pack is safe at all times. This may include making regular patrols around the territory, consistently training and developing new tactics to ward away threats. They are the pack’s first line of defense.

II. Medic — With a honed knowledge of medicine and skillful practice, the Medics prevent the pack from facing any major losses by keeping their packmates healthy. They know how to treat minor and major wounds, as well as resolve any illnesses that may befall their companions. They should be intimately familiar with both medicinal and poisonous flora throughout the territory.

II. Sentry — Those responsible for keeping an eye on the pack’s affairs are the Sentries. These wolves not only monitor the territory’s boundaries, but also the inner workings of the territory to ensure that nobody sets foot in their home who doesn’t belong there. Sentries function largely off of communication, and should know the fastest routes to travel through the land.

II. Hunter — Hunters are a pivotal part of the pack who ensure their packmates remain fed and caches are always stocked full of food. Pack hunts are usually coordinated by Hunters who know the best locations for prey, their habits, and the tactics to take them down. The health of the pack hinges on the Hunters’ attentiveness to food stores.

II. Advisor — Those who require a dosage of wisdom will turn to the Advisors of the pack. Advisors are seasoned wolves with ample experience in the ways of the world, who can observe the issues of their packmates with a fair, unbiased opinion. Often they stand in on important discussions to provide a novel outlook.

II. Diplomat — The Diplomat is responsible for the upkeep of political relationships between the Vanguard and their neighbors. Diplomats may take regular trips outside of the territory to check in on their allies or deliver important messages. They are often expected to possess a charming proficiency with words and a talent for persuasion.

II. Warden — A Warden of the labyrinth is expected to be familiar with the environment of the territory and surrounding areas. They should be practiced in tracking predators, identifying bird calls, interpreting weather trends, and reading the environment in a way that benefits the pack. Their purpose is to protect the Vanguard from environmental threats, aiding Medics, Sentries, and Hunters with important information about the land.

III. Protected — Packmates who are not necessarily able to protect others or serve the pack to their full ability are known as Protected. These may be pups, elders, injured wolves, or even newcomers who are under a revisionary period and have not yet been given a role. They are named so for a reason: their protection takes the highest priority above everyone else, including packmates and the Chief. While not expected to fulfill any particular role, the Protected are encouraged to assist the Vanguard if/when ever possible.

Pack Statistics

Stats This pack is no longer active.
Territories Emerald Labyrinth
Founded Early Summer, HY4
Disbanded Full Spring, HY5
Colors Gloaming Teal &
Twilight Lilac


I. Chief --
II. Quartermaster {Kronos}
II. Guardian --
II. Sentry --
II. Advisor --
II. Diplomat --
II. Warden --