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Uruz Fellowship


Sick and tired of the Cove and all its inhabitants, {Kamaal} agrees to traverse the valley with {Fray} and their little group consisting of {Skuld}, {Meir} and {Aran}. Eventually, they leave the beach, having burned some bridges with {Pace} along the way.

The concept of the Idavoll Circle having disbanded keeps them going northward, in hopes of finding Harlequin Meadow abandoned. However, they find it is very much inhabited and head for the mountain peaks, only to soon discover a cave and decide to make it their home base.

Nothing significant happens for a while, but that soon changes once {Freyr} makes his way to the mountain and reunites with Skuld after two years of him searching, and her believing him to have left the world of the living.

With everyone there, Kamaal finally decides to make things official and during the heart of late winter, she calls for them to bring the Uruz Fellowship to life.

Pack News

RSAUF Maaike and Lemming arrive at Uruz territory, sent by Kamaal herself, to ask if anyone from the pack has seen Titania. ("What do you think is gonna happen? ")

SAUF Maaike and Titania say goodbye when they bury a wolf washed up in the river, whom neither know to be Freyr. ("Well that was dramatic")

UF A depressed Skuld—with the mental capacity of a tablespoon—is visited by Kamaal in hopes of cheering her up, but.. Apparently their interaction is limited to blinking. And staring. And blinking. And staring with a sour surprise at the end. ("Craaaaaawling iiiiin my caaaaaave")

UF At the brink of ending it all, a broken Freyr lashes out at his estranged ex Skuld, only to end up with him being attacked by Fray and drowning in the river, and her being shattered into silence. ("Undertow")


Values and inner workings

"Those with the strongest souls, have faced the hardest trials"
  • Pack members are to frequently patrol borders, investigating any trespassers upon entering the territory. Strangers are to be treated with respect, unless aggression is shown towards any pack member. If so, they’ll be treated accordingly.
  • Everyone in the pack is expected to pull their own weight. However, the pack will be there to support those who might be physically weak or otherwise.
  • All members are to be shown respect, and treated with equality. No one is higher than any other. Any sparring for dominance will not be tolerated, and offenders will face punishment.
  • Members’ freedom will not be restricted. Anyone is allowed to leave the Fellowship’s lands for however long they may wish after the Mistress is informed.


I. Mistress — Head of the pack, the Mistress keeps order in all the ranks, acting as an overseer. She holds final say on pack issues, but not without first hearing the vote of all its members. Has control over the Souls and their duties, as well as final say on the Shield’s decisions.

II. Oracle — Seer for the pack, works closely alongside the Mistress as an adviser of sorts. Second in command, and often deals with pack relations, as well as inter-pack relations. Can act as a confidant to the Souls, offering empathy to those suffering or in pain.

II. Shield — Commander of the Souls, acts to keep order in the pack and makes sure that everyone partakes in duties (hunting, patrols, etc.). May escort either the Mistress or the Oracle if requested to do so. The Shield is the one responsible for organizing the Souls during times of distress and will lead defense/attack tactics if permission is given from the Mistress.

II. Alleviator — The healer of the pack, they are the ones who will tend to the sick and/or injured. Main duties are to keep the herbal stocks filled, with the help of the Souls, as well as offer training to the pack in case of medical emergencies. Will work alongside the Souls in battle, if required, but would otherwise stand back to tend to anyone who becomes injured

III. Soul — Main members of the pack, lower in rank but not in status. Souls are expected to partake in daily tasks such as hunting, patrolling, and gathering herbs for the Alleviator. They have a say in pack decisions, in a democratic fashion. Main defense line of the pack, led by both the Shield, and Mistress.

IV. Imp —Puppies of the pack, expected to be treated with kindness and looked after by all. Members shouldn’t be put off by their mischievousness. Everyone is expected to protect the youngest members, as they are the future to the pack itself. Wandering Imps should be gently guided back home, but never restricted fully in their freedom.

Pack Statistics

Stats 3 · 5
3 Pups · 3 Births · 1 Deaths
Territories Ice Grotto
Founded Late Winter, HY4
Colors Clear Crystal &
Obsidian Shard


I. Mistress {Kamaal}
II. Oracle II. Shield II. Alleviator
{Skuld} {Fray} {Meir}