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Submitted by Ire on (2/14/19)
HS Ire is recovering from illness at the Hillside Sanctuary, where she is accepted into the pack as a Sage. ("Pretty good day ")

Submitted by Yuna on (2/13/19)
RST With Yuna's search for Momo unsuccessful, she decides to head back to the beach. To her amazement she is found by her long lost daughter Kalea, and the pair have a tearful but heartfelt reunion. ("Whispers of what was ")

Submitted by Bucky on (2/12/19)
AR Caspar and Eadgar have their first swimming lesson, starting to settle in to their new life at the coast. ("Life lessons ")

Submitted by Selra on (2/04/19)
RM Yew calls for Selra to discuss with the woman if anything had happened under her watch. The conversation turns tense when Selra grows increasingly distressed over the sudden realization that her awareness of time is barely adequate. ("Roll Call!")

Submitted by Eve on (2/03/19)
ARR Eve is overjoyed to have one of her sisters back, but dismayed when she fails to help Fox speak. ("Ready for your voice ")

Submitted by Bucky on (1/31/19)
ARSC Bucky pulls a body out of the ocean and is distraught to discover it's none other than Relic, the Soulfire Covenant's leader. Pierce and Applebutter comfort him and help him bury Relic. ("I must be strong, and carry on")

Submitted by Natasha on (1/30/19)
FB Benvolio asks to join the Brotherhood. Natasha accepts and tasks him with encouraging the pups he has helped protect, Gaius and Livia, to stay as well. ("Fine. Go. ")

Submitted by Ruby on (1/30/19)
NR Northern Realm leader Damien and roving desert rogue Ruby have a brief encounter by Astred's graveside. ("Tip your waiter ")

Submitted by Rin on (1/30/19)
R After extensive traveling from the opposite coasts, Rin finally crosses onto the Eastern Wastelands only to stumble upon Yew, who brings a new light to his journey. ("No wonder they call it a wasteland")

Submitted by Kneph on (1/28/19)
R Draven and Kneph enjoy a playful morning, but things turn serious when they swear to stay by each other's sides. Not only is a companionship formed, but so is the very beginning plans to start a pack. ("into the woods and through the trees")

Submitted by Yuna on (1/23/19)
RST During her search for missing Tribe wolf Momo, Yuna encounters Helius and gives him some advice on his own missing mate. ("The missing ones ")

Submitted by Bucky on (1/22/19)
ARR After Nova is rescued by the Adunati Rangers, Bucky, Percy and Eve help support the young wolf who has suffered a head injury and severe memory loss. ("I can’t clear the leaves from here, they’re too far under the rocks this year. ")

Submitted by Tesla on (1/21/19)
R Tesla and her new partner Taboo track Eden south. ("Women in power ")

Submitted by Ozias on (1/21/19)
RRM Exhausted and heart-sore after his time in the mountains, Ozias stumbles back into the lowlands and encounters a kindly Yew, who lifts his spirits a little. ("Homeward Bound ")

Submitted by Maeve on (1/21/19)
R Jasper has the letdown of meeting a woman who doesn't like his flirtatious style: Maeve Morris. Teasing between the two leads to heat between the pair, but not the fun kind - more bloody. ("Thief")

Submitted by Bucky on (1/17/19)
AR Bucky and Braith have a heart to heart about ranged patrols, then make plans to visit the Brotherhood. ("I won’t go ")

Submitted by Irving on (1/15/19)
RRM Irving and Selra are on their way to bring some offerings to the Hillside Sanctuary, when they're intercepted by Briar! She (easily) deceives Irving and makes off with a tasty beaver! ("where do beavers go to cash their paychecks? ")

Submitted by Ash on (1/15/19)
RRM Ash comes sniffing around the Royaume borders. Initially met by a friendly Irving, he is quickly ambushed by Jacqueline and Selra and is mauled by the latter. ("Fighting fires ")

Submitted by Taboo on (1/14/19)
R Taboo and Tesla have a discussion after meeting in Moonrise Bay. In the end, they decided to team up and rain hell down upon the valley. ("Crossroads Bargain")

Submitted by Yuna on (1/10/19)
RST Pharaoh and Babette come to the Tribe seeking aid in the wake of a bear attack. Roxy dashes off to enlist help and Yuna arrives to offer her healing knowledge. ("Just below ")

Submitted by Theodore on (1/07/19)
R Returning the the valley, Theodore and Seeker make plans going forward - who they want to be known as, where they want to go and mostly just how to avoid being caught up in the chaos. ("The Return to Old Stompin Grounds")

Submitted by Bucky on (1/05/19)
ARR Bucky tells Nomad that Shade might be bringing his new mate Tyrell to visit the Rangers and is impressed by how well he takes it. ("Good news day")

Submitted by Ruby on (1/05/19)
R Shasta discovers three might be a crowd when the other two wolves are Ruby and Hawke. ("Where we’re meant to be")

Submitted by Ruby on (1/04/19)
RST Shark and Ruby meet high in the mountains. Ruby has some news about Shark's family at the Silu Tribe and gives her some directions to continue the journey home. ("Life on the Outside ")

Submitted by Ire on (1/04/19)
HSR Rhokai comes to the aid of a very ill Ire. Delirious, Ire also mistakes her nephew Cade for her father while the worried yearling plans to bring help from home. ("Point of collapse ")

Submitted by Bucky on (1/04/19)
AR Nomad is concerned about Applebutter being gone so long, and Bucky decides they ought to seek out their packmate. ("Where is the damsel in distress! I protecc! ")

Submitted by Bucky on (1/03/19)
ARRST Bucky and Splash leave Frick and Paloma to face some truths about one another and what their future might hold. ("Seems like he’s lost ")

Submitted by Bucky on (1/03/19)
AR Paloma cheers up Bucky, and catches him up on some valley news. She even winds up convincing the broody Ranger leader to take some time for himself. ("I wanted you to be happier ")

Submitted by Ozias on (1/02/19)
NRR Ozias's stay with the Northern Realm comes to an abrupt end. ("Ain’t exactly what my heart expected ")

Submitted by Selra on (12/31/18)
RM After months of work being put into the creation, the pack, Royaume Magnifique, finally becomes official once Jacqueline calls the group together. ("Christening ")

Submitted by Ruby on (12/30/18)
R The group originating from the desert have moved closer to their destination of the north mountains, and Ruby confesses a growing interest in Hawke to an unimpressed Darienne. ("Flutterbys ")

Submitted by Azura on (12/27/18)
NRR Azura Fil is caught trespassing, and pays the price in a tussle with Damien and Baltasar with her ear. ("Definitely Not Deja Vu")

Submitted by Bucky on (12/27/18)
ARR A young wolf called Nova is washed up in the river bordering the Rangers' oaks. Bucky and Percival aid her, but she has lost her memories to the rapids. ("Unfamiliar trees.")

Submitted by Bucky on (12/27/18)
AR Bucky gives Honeysuckle a hunting lesson and spends some quality bonding time with the youngest Ranger. ("Summer in the pacific")

Submitted by Zahavi on (12/26/18)
R Zahavi and Chione meet in the desert and share a drink. Amidst many many foul thoughts, an unlikely alliance is formed. ("Murderers, thieves, and everything in between ")

Submitted by Damien on (12/23/18)
NRR With the help of an old acquaintance, Damien buries the Realm's fallen Valkyrie. ("filthy impetuous soul")

Submitted by Kaya on (12/20/18)
IFR Things are heating up on Pearl Isle for the Imperial Faction when Kaya brings home Yael as a potential new member, oblivious to her mate Dragomir's instant attraction to the younger woman. Pepper tries to assist Kaya when an unexpected and largely unwelcome family member crashes the party. ("And oppertunity came knocking ")

Submitted by Bucky on (12/20/18)
AR After her support on a Ranger patrol, Swifty is overjoyed when Bucky accepts her into the Adunati Rangers pack. ("It all lies in the blue eyes ")

Submitted by Natasha on (12/19/18)
FBTV Natasha calls Kronos to find out why he's come to the Brotherhood with two girls, Pyre and Ego, in tow. Valkyrie meets her father for the first time. Nat learns the Twilight Vanguard have all left, including the girl's mother, and Kronos has taken in the twins and come to join the Firewing Brotherhood. Natasha accepts them in, though not without reservations. ("Time can heal, but the scars only hide the way you feel ")

Submitted by Hyperion on (12/18/18)
R When Hyperion happens upon a dark and mysterious stranger in the hills while hunting... well... He won't be coming home anytime soon. ("When the shadows call I come running")

Submitted by Natasha on (12/17/18)
FBR Waiting for Draven in Falter Glen, Kneph is intercepted by Natasha. He's smart enough to assure the pushy pack wolf he isn't about to interfere with the Brotherhood, and Natasha lets him go with a few questions. ("A delivery? for me? ")

Submitted by Ire on (12/17/18)
R An exhausted Ire is struggling after being caught in the monsoonal floods. Grimshaw comes to her aid and finds his spirits lifted by their exchange. ("Breathe easy")

Submitted by Astred on (12/16/18)
NRR The Lady of the Slain meets her fate on the slippery slopes of Crystal Shore. She passes in the presence of strangers. Afterwards, Piper and Ozias get in an argument over what to do with her body. ("mors omnibus")

Submitted by Hrothgar on (12/16/18)
R When Hrothgar meets Naoki at Fossil Butte, tension is high. What wasn't expected was how much Naoki would give of himself in this encounter. ("Nibbles and bits")

Submitted by Yuna on (12/13/18)
ST Former Silu Tribe second in command, Vincent, is reunited with Yuna. The healer tells him his mate Pace is sick and he ought to go to her, though with some misgivings. ("Keep me safe, keep me warm ")

Submitted by Ruby on (12/07/18)
R After two seasons in the desert, Ruby convinces injured yearling Kato to travel with her and Darienne to the north mountains for the summer. ("Summer holiday ")

Submitted by Bucky on (12/06/18)
ARFB Bucky visits the Firewing Brotherhood, speaking with Eyja, Finni, Kronos and Pyre and sharing news of the valley. ("All the love you won’t forget ")

Submitted by Eve on (12/02/18)
ARR Swifty encounters a patrol from the Rangers, meeting Braith, Benjamin and Eve. The four work together to bring down a male deer, and Swifty is welcomed to travel with the group. ("Wheels Up")

Submitted by Baltasar on (12/01/18)
NR Finally, after over a year of searching, Baltasar is finally reunited with his only friend in the world -- Valkyrie of the Northern Realm, Astred Valfreyja, Lady of The Slain herself, who now has KIDS and a mate. Surprise! Bal pledges himself to her tribe and joins as a Novice, eager to begin his new life at his friends side. ("alpha negative")

Submitted by Lacey on (12/01/18)
R What was supposed to be a request for Godbrand to hunt with her, Lacey became charmed by his looks and kindness that she decided to be his companion as they head towards the northern mountains. ("Two is a crowd ")

Submitted by Ash on (11/30/18)
SC Ash says a brief goodbye to Relic as the yearling plans to leave the Covenant. ("Matter")

Submitted by Darienne on (11/30/18)
R Darienne and Ruby make plans to travel to the northern mountains for summer and autumn. Ruby mentions Kato, asking if he could tag along. Darienne eventually agrees with much frustration. ("Oppressive")

Submitted by Bucky on (11/30/18)
AR Having rounded up an introspective Bucky, Nomad cheers up his adoptive brother with a large game hunt. ("Dutiful")

Submitted by Pharaoh on (11/30/18)
R Pharaoh and Flint meet and have a brief but positive encounter. The former prince having no idea the crafty yearling took him for a fool the entire time. ("Clear skies and tall trees ")

Submitted by Ozias on (11/30/18)
R After a flood washes Ozias into the lake, he and attempted rescuers Selra and Hyperion wind up arguing at the Grand Rapids. They all part ways with frayed tempers. ("Washed up")

Submitted by Kopec on (11/24/18)
R After her future outlook falls to the pits again, Kopec decides to leave the confines of the mountain and leave her past behind her, as well as her 'Daniels' surname. Traveling down, she encounters a white wolf named Margarita in which, after revealing that they are both alone, agree to travel together. ("scared to be lonely")

Submitted by Natasha on (11/16/18)
FB Eyja comes to visit the newest member of the Firewing Brotherhood. ("Mice and spice ")

Submitted by Ruby on (11/15/18)
R Accompanied by her young son and Selra, Jacqueline does some recruiting for her new pack. Hyperion considers her offer but jaded desert wolf Ruby isn't ready to place her faith in pack wolves and only wants to strike a bargain for travelers in the desert. ("I take home my hard earned pay all on my own ")

Submitted by Jaylan on (11/14/18)
ARR On the coast, AJ and Paloma enjoy some sunny weather. The Ranger and the rogue discuss oceanic philosophy, friendships, and sample a little seafood. ("Fearless Explorers of SAND ")

Submitted by Irving on (11/13/18)
HSR Irving notices a starving wolf in the distance. He plans to go say hello, but suddenly, a wolf named Isidore accidentally runs in to Irving! After the trio gets to know each other, Isidore invites the boys back to the Hillside Sanctuary for a meal. ("bird watcher ")

Submitted by Ash on (11/12/18)
SC Ash finally levels with Relic; he plans to leave the Soulfire Covenant. ("Feel it’s gonna rain like this for days")

Submitted by Abaeze on (11/11/18)
R Abaeze and Vitalis reconnect after he returns to the valley and learns that the Hellmaw Empire has disbanded. The two share a connection neither can explain but both can understand, forged from the mutual misery of having been a child of the Caverns. He pledges his loyalty to her by vowing to protect her and promising they will thrive together. ("i am a branch, grown far from my roots")

Submitted by Pinecone on (11/11/18)
R Pinecone, unsure of where to go, comes across a wolf by the name of Gethin. He mentions something that inspires awe in Pinecone and the two discuss about Gethin's beliefs. They both then decide to travel together as Pinecone was sincerely interesting in learning more. ("whoops, dropped something; it’s my courage ")

Submitted by Komet on (11/10/18)
NRR Bringing the gift of prey, Komet lets out a howl to hopefully summon a member of the Northern Realm. Damien answers the call, and the two discuss Komet's loyalty and his desire to join the new pack. ("stay with me ")

Submitted by Claes on (11/10/18)
RSC Claes ventures down the mountain after waking up with Momma's death weighing heavy on him. Maisie stumbles upon him and well. You can probably imagine how well that went. ("Take a step, take another step ")

Submitted by Hywel on (11/10/18)
R A paranoid and initially wary Los ends up gaining a traveling companion in the form of the cheerful yearling Hywel ("They See All, Know All, Fear None")

Submitted by Anna on (11/08/18)
SC A lighthearted play session turns into realization of deeper feelings between Ash and Anna. ("Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been thinking ")

Submitted by Wrenn on (11/08/18)
R Confined to the den after an eagle attack leaves her with injuries including broken ribs, Wrenn pesters her mother with questions and is told about her deceased father, Lestat. ("Bedrest")

Submitted by Astred on (11/07/18)
NR The first Dvergar of the Northern Realm are born. ("Lorem ipsum")

Submitted by Finni on (11/07/18)
FB Finni is finally called out on her (unknowingly) unhealthy eating and overworking habits by none other than Natasha, who finds the runt digging a den at midnight. After realizing she's much too thin, Finni agrees to get her weight back up before Summer (or risk being set back in her training), and Natasha shows a rare moment of (almost) affection. ("Nirvana ")

Submitted by Natasha on (11/05/18)
FB Nanna endures a Natasha Lecture and escapes with her life. Valkyrie then experiences her first boo-boo! ("Head above water ")

Submitted by Swifty on (11/04/18)
R Swifty has a chance meeting with Pinecone, and the two share in the joy of collecting and making new friends. ("where the wildflowers roam")

Submitted by Eve on (11/02/18)
AR Eve is getting puzzled and frustrated by her difficulty solo hunting, and Bayley helps his friend out. ("Maybe this time")

Submitted by Bucky on (11/01/18)
ARSC Ranger leader Bucky and Covenant diplomat Anna meet on the grasslands, and Anna passes on the recent events and warning from Relic regarding Jacqueline and the Covenant. ("Carry the torch ")

Submitted by Ash on (11/01/18)
RSC Things get off to a rocky start between Ash and Covenant visitor, Maisie. ("Social butterfly, right ")

Submitted by Bucky on (11/01/18)
AR Bucky meets Honeysuckle and is instantly charmed. But less so when the puppy's mother, Witchhazel, asks Bucky to lie about the child's father. ("You don’t turn your back on family ")

Submitted by Claes on (10/31/18)
RSC Claes meets Maisie on the way back from a hunt. After begrudgingly allowing her into the Basin, he escorts her to Relic. ("Most girls are idiots.")

Submitted by Bucky on (10/30/18)
AR Braith and Bucky discuss pack matters and Braith agrees to take out the next Ranger patrol. ("Where the heart is ")

Submitted by Anna on (10/29/18)
SC Relic sends Anna on her first task as Ascendant. ("Fire with fire")

Submitted by Ruby on (10/29/18)
R Desert girls Darienne and Ruby share a meal and converse about life, love and everything in between. ("Fiery ")

Submitted by Kronos on (10/28/18)
TV When Kronos discovers that half of the Twilight Vanguard is gone, including his love interest, Epidemic, he rounds up her children and decides to take them to the Brotherhood. ("Picking Up the Pieces")

Submitted by Witchhazel on (10/26/18)
AR Witchhazel, having come to terms with her blooming feelings for Pierre, blurts out her feelings as a greeting as he returns from a Ranger Patrol. Though a little awkwardly, the pair settle on seeing how things so and become less than official boyfriend and girlfriend as they coo over Honeysuckle and think of what could have been. ("Dropped The Bomb(s) ")

Submitted by Bucky on (10/25/18)
ARNR Bucky and Astred meet again and discuss Astred's new pack, the Northern Realm. ("There will be no white flag above my door ")

Submitted by Tilonwyn on (10/24/18)
NR In the midst of Full Spring, the Northern Realm is born. ("We belong way down below,")

Submitted by Natasha on (10/20/18)
FB Finni breaks the news to her mentor that her runaway sister Nanna has returned. Natasha has some typical Natasha advice for the troubled girl. ("Stop. Turn. Explain. ")

Submitted by Natasha on (10/18/18)
FB Rota and Finni are the first to welcome the newest member of the Firewing Brotherhood - Valkyrie, daughter of pack Second Natasha, and named for the former pack leader, Valentina. ("This is the first sound of a newborn child ")

Submitted by Nanna on (10/18/18)
FB Nanna returns to the Brotherhood, blissfully ignorant that her absence has been more than just cause for concern, at least one wolf has died while she was gone. Finni makes sure she understands where she stands with everyone after going off on her own, and Nanna promises to never leave the Glen again - ever. ("Didja Miss Me?")

Submitted by Adhara on (10/15/18)
EW Adhara and Asa come upon a carcass they hope to scavenge from, only to realize it belongs to Rathbone, the Evergreen Wolves' Guardian and Adhara's father. ("fired up my fear machine")

Submitted by Bucky on (10/13/18)
AR Witchhazel gives birth to a single daughter, and the newest Adunati Ranger is welcomed to the world by Percy, Eve and Braith. ("Flowers Of The Sea ")

Submitted by Ruby on (10/08/18)
R Brauner enters Horizon Valley via the desert, and meets Ruby, who guides him through the sands to the green beyond. ("What lies beyond ")

Submitted by Wrenn on (10/07/18)
NRR Wrenn spends some time with her uncle, oblivious to Damien's hesitance with children. ("Treasures from the Amazon ")

Submitted by Eve on (10/03/18)
AR Apple meets Eve, and the two she-wolves forge a friendship. ("A Helping Hand ")

Submitted by Meir on (10/03/18)
RTV Meir reunites with Josalyn, causing him to remember the memories he'd kept hidden from himself for so long. ("and the woman clothed in sun")

Submitted by Ash on (10/02/18)
RSC Jacqueline is distraught to find one of her three adopted daughters died in her sleep. But tensions simmer higher when the girls' elder siblings Anna and Claes blame Jacqueline, and Ash backs his packmates up. Relic manages to narrowly avoid disaster. ("It comes in threes ")

Submitted by Anna on (10/01/18)
RSC Ash privately reveals his suspicions toward Jacqueline and Selra to Anna. ("Try Again")

Submitted by Wrenn on (10/01/18)
R Week-old Wrenn has her first asthma attack. ("A spanner in the works ")

Submitted by Natasha on (10/01/18)
EWFBR Adhara and Asa visit Falter Glen, but don't stay long when troubled yearling Xanthos faces some ghosts from his past. After the Evergreen youngsters depart Natasha tries to get Xanthos to open up to her, but she isn't the most sympathetic of ears. ("Act three, looming ")

Submitted by Phoenix on (9/29/18)
R Phoenix encounters a distressed Loueska and aids her in searching for her lost patient. ("buzzcut season")

Submitted by Claes on (9/29/18)
SC Ash comes poking around for Anna. When he realizes Claes is present as well, he tries to stalk off. Fed up, Claes tells Ash if he can't tolerate him he should just go back to the coast. ("Silence")

Submitted by Eve on (9/28/18)
AR It's teen pep talk time as Paloma comforts Eve about her future. ("Remember who you are ")

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