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Submitted by Epidemic on (9/17/17)
R Where the Emerald Union once stood, Adrian and Epidemic take awhile to get on the same page. ("Unforgiven.")

Submitted by Catrine on (9/17/17)
RTK Catrine meets Elliot at The Kingdom borders and the two have a short discussion about The Kingdom. The conversation leaves both of them frustrated. ("Investigations ")

Submitted by Regent on (9/17/17)
RST After finding the dead body of Tidus, Regent is the one to break the news to Yuna. The widow asks if she can go see him one last time. ("Scuttling")

Submitted by Rufus on (9/17/17)
EWR Scotch, Whiskey, and Wayfarer make it to the caves after a vicious battle with members of The Kingdom. The stories they share leave more questions than answers for Rufus and Mari. ("Crawling back to you")

Submitted by Catrine on (9/16/17)
R While looking for Mair, Catrine runs into Sunfall. He warns her about Elliot and The Kingdom. He suggests she goes back north to meet the wolves at the Hillside Sanctuary, but Catrine pursues her friend south. ("Where Oh Where Have You Gone? ")

Submitted by Nanook on (9/09/17)
HS Sienna calls the wolves of the The Sanctuary together, making the pack official and wanting to discuss the details on the matter. Everyone that attends is thrown off when Senna has an outburst and the Sanctuary wolves begin their journey with a rocky start. ("may i have your attention please! ")

Submitted by Leas on (9/09/17)
ARR Bucky leave Rathbone and Leas alone together so that he can head off Empress before she finds her children. Rath and Leas agree that they'll travel together in the spring and decide to officially become mates. ("Emerald Bay Lifesaving")

Submitted by Bucky on (9/08/17)
ARR Pharaoh is infuriated when a guest of the Adunati Rangers, Fluffy, makes a mess of the cache. He and his sister Regent defend their food, attracting Bucky and also Fluffy's friends, mute Tahti and pregnant Holly. After the scuffle, a furious Bucky throws Fluffy out of the territory and forbids him from returning, but wise Tahti knows Holly needs somewhere safe for her puppies and lingers to have a 'conversation' with Bucky about potentially staying. ("Adapt and grow")

Submitted by Rorret on (9/06/17)
R Inspired by the body he found in the desert, Rorret decides to spin a yarn for Catrine near the borders of the Starfall Cadre. ("All the world's a stage")

Submitted by Leas on (9/05/17)
ARR Leas returns to the gorge to tell the Proleator children that their mother is on the way. She only finds Pharaoh who is not looking forward to seeing his mother again. ("Good News Everyone! ")

Submitted by Rufus on (9/03/17)
RSA Zaan's obsession with Ororo turns into violent confrontation in Alliance territory. A rogue, Carter, puts a final stop to Zaan's madness. ("There is no home like the one you got")

Submitted by Rathbone on (9/03/17)
R After meeting Leas, Rathbone returns to Empress with the location of her children and they head off to find them with little delay. ("Bearer of good news")

Submitted by Gunnar on (9/03/17)
FBR Gunnar smells Eyja's scent, but it's old. He speaks with Clint, who confirms she's been around and will most likely return. ("Searching for a point.")

Submitted by Bravo on (9/01/17)
R Far away from the place they once called home, Lady Tem and Uncle Sir discuss mercy, agency, justice, and most important of all--what it means for their future. ("Wrath of the Giver")

Submitted by Yuna on (9/01/17)
ST Yuna and Tidus reunite. Things do not go well however, and both are left miserable and alone at the conclusion of their conversation. ("Folorn")

Submitted by Leas on (9/01/17)
ARR Leas follows Pharaoh into Adunati Rangers territory and meets Caesar and Bucky to ask if she can stay with the pack through the winter. ("Stones and snow")

Submitted by Caspian on (8/31/17)
RSC Still traveling together, Caspian and Albus reach the borders of the Starfall Cadre. Caspian is hoping to see his sister and ask about joining; Albus however is terrified of the pack's reaction to his running away. ("We Are Groot")

Submitted by Yuna on (8/31/17)
ST Yuna realizes the cyclone must have killed her mate and undertakes a search of the shoreline for his body. A confused and frustrated Eerik tries to help but the grieving Yuna isn't willing to accept it. ("You don’t know me and I’ll never be what you want me to be ")

Submitted by Bucky on (8/31/17)
ARFB It's manly bonding time as Stark settles in to his visit to the Adunati Rangers and he and Bucky do a spot of hunting together in Wavehaen Gorge. ("Sugar cones ")

Submitted by Rathbone on (8/30/17)
R Rathbone happens across an in-heat Leas. ("Frustrations")

Submitted by Shade on (8/28/17)
STSA Shade and Jingo continue searching for Sam and Rhian. Shade decides to ask the Silu Tribe if they knew anything regarding. ("Let's take a walk. Don't forget your key, baby.")

Submitted by Ryd on (8/27/17)
SC With Charcoal's departure leading to a forfeit in their competition, Ryd becomes de facto Keeper of the Starfall Cadre. Faithful, Charcoal's sister, asks Ryd to make her Inquisitor. ("The Reboot")

Submitted by Lysander on (8/27/17)
RSA Lysander wants his children to learn who their real father is, but their adoptive father, Rhydian, remains staunchly against it. Will their long-standing disagreement finally come to a head? ("extra dry, extra olives")

Submitted by Catrine on (8/26/17)
R Mair and Catrine find a creek for a drink, and share a rabbit for a meal. ("Give me space")

Submitted by Natasha on (8/26/17)
FBRTK Investigating rumours about the Brotherhood, and what little information she has on the mystery pack across the river, Natasha sets up the rogue girl Neomiizana to see how the Kingdom react to a trespasser. ("Take on the world")

Submitted by Belarus on (8/24/17)
R Aaba comes across a familiar scent and meets Eden once again, this time with Tiberius. What starts as a civil conversation leads to a murderous plan and ultimately results in Aaba's death. ("dead angels")

Submitted by Leas on (8/24/17)
FBR Natasha corrects Leas' misunderstanding about the Firewing Brotherhood - and shares lots of information about other packs nearby. ("Quiet and Calm")

Submitted by Benjamin on (8/23/17)
R Benjamin makes his way to the coast with the help Artem and Atalya, and howls out for either his sisters, or anyone who can help him find them. ("Does this make them ‘Sea Wolves’? ")

Submitted by Nima on (8/23/17)
FBR Nima stumbles upon a dying Emmalyn, and does what she can to ease her passing. ("Distrust and caution are the parents of security")

Submitted by Igbo on (8/21/17)
TK Igbo and Idemoni speak about their future with the Kingdom.. and among other things.. ("I hate you all, I hope you die")

Submitted by Sienna on (8/21/17)
R Sienna calls the Sanctuary wolves together to discuss the possible formation of the Sanctuary as a permanent pack. ("may i have your attention please!")

Submitted by Catrine on (8/21/17)
R Catrine and Mair enter and re-enter the valley, respectively. They run into Beauregard who warns them about the wolves in the valley. ("What is this place, a wasteland?")

Submitted by Cypress on (8/21/17)
EW Cypress wonders if the Evergreen Wolves are still who they were when they started. ("A Devotional Watching")

Submitted by Seeker on (8/18/17)
FB Seeker is so desperate to resume the hunt for Theodore that he attempts to sneak away from Marzena who has forbidden him to go. He is willing to risk his place in the pack, leave his adoptive sister behind and even lie to Marzena... ("All paranoid and crotchety ")

Submitted by Igbo on (8/17/17)
TK Directed by Nima to find her loyalist, Belarus and his companion Maia howl for Igbo and Idemoni. More shows up than expected. ("What a beautiful day. ")

Submitted by Belarus on (8/17/17)
R After a short hunt, Belarus and Maia discuss trying to find Idemoni and Igbo and a future pack blossoming. ("A wolf hunt.")

Submitted by Goneril on (8/16/17)
R Goneril meets Scabbia in Eastern Wastelands. Scabbia leads her to the valley and warns her about Elliot. ("How utterly boring")

Submitted by Altair on (8/16/17)
R A conversation between Mordor and Altair goes south, leading the former to start a physical fight. Aware that strength in numbers would help him, the puppy yowls in pain as loud as he possibly can to attract the attention of any nearby wolves. ("Head North.")

Submitted by Shade on (8/15/17)
ARSA As promised, Shade is giving Nomad a lesson in herbs and their use for healing, because what better time to learn about plants than the middle of winter! ("A message from me to you")

Submitted by Belarus on (8/14/17)
R Belarus wonders into the valley and meets Nima. After a successful hunt, they vaguely talk about past pack experiences. Nima plans to find her loyalists and Belarus agrees to accompany her in her search. ("And finally, peace.")

Submitted by Ororo on (8/11/17)
RSA Ororo is frightened but determined to convince Zaan their friendship is over when he comes seeking her within pack borders. Zaan however is pushing his luck, and Ororo urgently calls for help, especially when she notices a second rogue has been attracted by the chaos. ("There is no home like the one you got ")

Submitted by Albus on (8/11/17)
ARR A pneumonia struck Albus meets Efeon, and just in time. He's taken to see Fawn, who might be able to help him. ("and here’s a list of reasons why.")

Submitted by Bucky on (8/11/17)
ARRSA Bucky sets out to round up his missing packmates to get them to safety for the impending cyclone. He is unimpressed to find a defensive Malachi sheltering in the gorge but allows him to stay for the storm. Casscade answers Bucky's call, and they set out in search of Maeve, the Alliance-born puppy staying with the Rangers. ("No stone unchecked ")

Submitted by Kamaal on (8/09/17)
R Kamaal calls for Skuld and Meir to inform them both about her plans to visit the northern mountains. The conversation starts normally enough, but as the mention of Kara and her eviction from the Circle comes up, pain begins to fill Meir's heart. Skuld, in the meantime, is acting rather strangely.. Perhaps it's the season, no? ("Time to pack")

Submitted by Daniel on (8/09/17)
R Damien, Kumar and Daniel decide cliffs aren't fun. ("Wow, is this a cliff? Who would of thought?")

Submitted by Nanook on (8/06/17)
R Nanook calls out to the wolves he met at the hollow, hoping that they will hear him out about his offer for them to resurrect The Hillside Sanctuary. ("Winter is coming...")

Submitted by Poet on (8/06/17)
SA A familiar face returns to Falcon Rise. Will he be met with uncertainty, aggression, or open arms? Poet's about to find out. ("Strange Times")

Submitted by Blixen on (8/04/17)
R After running into Merrit and Gunnar, a fight breaks out between Blixen, Gunnar, and Merrit. Blixen surrenders after losing an eye and a toe. Merrit and Gunnar walk away, with a lot less serious injuries. Blixen decides it's time to change his ways. ("Such curiosity, these thoughts go on all day.")

Submitted by Bucky on (8/04/17)
ARR Bucky, Regent and Alessandro call for the Rangers and their assortment of visitors to shelter in Caesar's cave as the thundersnow moves in and the wind picks up to the north... ("A thousand times before, I’ve wondered if there’s something more ")

Submitted by Bucky on (8/03/17)
AR Fawn and Efeon approach Bucky about joining the pack and receive a warm welcome. ("I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail ")

Submitted by Gunnar on (8/03/17)
R Merrit and Gunnar are interrupted by Blixen. When Blixen makes his intention clear, the two decide to fight back. ("Such curiosity, these thoughts go on all day.")

Submitted by Vincent on (8/01/17)
ST Vincent calls Pace out to have some one-on-one talk about feelings and stuff. Actually saying things out loud stuff. They're big dumb dorks about it. ("Hoping that you understand")

Submitted by Sienna on (8/01/17)
R Wayfarer has sought out Sienna, looking for more information about her group. Successfully finding her, the two chat... Until her 'father' comes along, and seeing a fully grown male wolf giving a gift to a yearling does not fly by well with him. ("Here's to the future *clink*")

Submitted by Nima on (8/01/17)
TK Facing the reality of uprooting and leaving the Butte, Nima travels to Sandstone Gorge to say farewell to Beauregard, but she is not well-received. ("What can you possibly want from me? Can't you see I'm already gone")

Submitted by Rufus on (7/31/17)
EW Ylva and Geir Ek learn Sigfrid has abandoned them. ("Eks")

Submitted by Daniel on (7/28/17)
R Just when Kumar and Daniel begin to lose hope, an unexpected visitor emerges from the shadows. ("Sworn to the Sword")

Submitted by Kiel on (7/28/17)
TK With all that's been going on, Wayfarer summons Nima to his spot. He needed answers and it was now time to put the puzzle pieces, his heart, together and tell her how he really felt. ("Geronimo!")

Submitted by Regent on (7/26/17)
ARR In the wake of constant nightmares, Caesar finally discusses her decision with Regent. Her new life lies with the Rangers, and it seems the elder sister will be returning home come spring. ("Lift your head princess, the crown is slipping ")

Submitted by Rufus on (7/25/17)
EW After Leif goes missing, Rufus seeks out Sigfrid to ask of his whereabouts. The conversation quickly reveals wildly different parenting methods and ends with Sigfrid leaving the forest. ("Another mother")

Submitted by Bravo on (7/25/17)
ICR When Tempest reveals her intent to leave with her dear friend Altair, Bravo makes the painful decision that the Circle is broken. ("So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen adieu")

Submitted by Rufus on (7/25/17)
EW Rufus arrives in the Emerald Union's old territory and finds it abandoned. Searching for answers, he finds only a wolf with an interest in acrobatics, and no clues as to where his former allies went. ("The harder they fall")

Submitted by Nima on (7/25/17)
TK In the wake of Elliot's attack on Nima, the Queen sends Igbo to deliver the message that Elliot is no longer welcome in Kingdom lands. Igbo encourages him to see this as an opportunity, but Elliot is resistant to the notion. ("After all that we've been through")

Submitted by Mari on (7/24/17)
EW Following a warning from Caspian about a wolf named Elliot attacking Albus, Mari takes it on herself to call a pack meeting and warn everyone about him. ("The stone hills")

Submitted by Jaya on (7/23/17)
ARR Fallei eventually catches up with an infuriated Jaya who wandered from the coast. After a significant amount of yelling, Fallei finally confesses his love for the small girl, as an awkward Bucky and a clueless Alessandro look on. ("Yes! Feel my unbridled rage!")

Submitted by Seeker on (7/22/17)
FBR Seeker has a seizure in the Prairies, and is unfortunately found by Klass, who carries a grudge against Brotherhood pack members. Klass decides to kill Seeker while he is weak, but the ensuring fight attracts some surprising attention... not only Klass's mate Holly, but Seeker's long lost sisters who have been tracking him... ("When the sky goes dark")

Submitted by Magnus on (7/21/17)
AR Magnus tells Bucky of his plans to court Caesar and asks for his blessing; Bucky extends an offer to become a ranger. Both are surprised at how the other reacts. ("Courtly Love")

Submitted by Meir on (7/21/17)
R With only a few goodbyes left to say, Meir tries to find those important to him before leaving for the beach. Only Aran comes, and Meir hopes to bring him with him. ("Futamono")

Submitted by Pierre on (7/21/17)
SC Pierre and Blaise consider leaving the Cadre, and Pierre goes to seek out Charcoal. He's very sure his brother wants to come along. But as soon as they meet, Charcoal does not seem happy about the plan. He says he hates Blaise, and Pierre and Charcoal start an argument. ("Are you with me?")

Submitted by Nomad on (7/20/17)
AR Nomad tells Bucky he's going with Kaete, to protect her during winter. Once again Bucky and Nomad will be apart for a while. But in the midst of their conversation, Nomad decides to take on a last name, and he wants to share it with Bucky. His friend agrees, and now they are truly brothers forever. Nomad and Bucky Rangers. ("I’m going on a mission")

Submitted by Bucky on (7/20/17)
ARR In the midst of a windstorm newcomer to the valley Saskia tries to shelter on the notably lacking-in-cover Strongwind Range, but help is headed her way in the form of Bucky. ("The Wind in My Fur ")

Submitted by Nima on (7/20/17)
TK Elliot's attempts to consummate his relationship with his mother fail, and jealousy and insubordination lead to violence between them. ("Mother Knows Best")

Submitted by Kiel on (7/18/17)
TK Nima and Wayfarer come together for the first time since the Wasteland. A pinch of confusion, a sprinkle of passion and a touch of salt - that is the recipe for a healthy Relationship... Right? ("Before I go")

Submitted by Elliot on (7/18/17)
TK Elliot, Nima, Sikozu, and Idemoni finally join together to create The Kingdom. ("Where the Wild Things Are")

Submitted by Sunfall on (7/14/17)
EWR Sunfall comes to the Evergreen borders to speak to Solomon, but an adamant Mari refuses to let the attempted murderer speak to her packmate alone. ("Unlikely")

Submitted by Bucky on (7/14/17)
ARR Bucky innocently invites Babette back to Wavehaven after she helps him with some information on an old friend. A startled Pharaoh is dismayed to see them together, given his persistent feelings for Babette... ("Beauty and the Beast")

Submitted by Epidemic on (7/14/17)
R Epidemic gets just a little steamy when she notices Kyoren with another lady. A confession from Epidemic is overdue. ("Siren of the tides")

Submitted by Argus on (7/13/17)
SA Argus has not been doing well. Barely able to eat anything due to his deep depression, he still manages to answer the call of someone close to his old packmate, Xander. They get to talking about why he is there, and the male suddenly attacks Argus, seeking to put him out of his misery. ("Stargazer")

Submitted by Ares on (7/13/17)
SC Blaise and Pierre come together to discuss Blaise's upcoming heat and if either want pups. Eventually, they agree their decision will come once the fate of the Cadre is decided. ("Rhythm is a dancer, it’s a soul’s companion ")

Submitted by Tempest on (7/13/17)
IC Tempest has important news for the only home she's ever known. ("So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen adieu")

Submitted by Kamaal on (7/13/17)
EWR Ares is missing from the beach and Kamaal is after him. Her leg deems traversing through the forest a lot slower, but, she's getting there. Company soon joins her, a face she hadn't seen in ages; Meir. The two of them end up talking and after realizing that they share a similar pain, Kamaal confides to the small wolf that she has lied to the Guardian of the Evergreens in an attempt to save Fray's tail. They need to find Rufus; no more lies. Transparency is key. ("I know I fucked up, just give me one last chance")

Submitted by Pierre on (7/13/17)
SC Pierre calls for a pack meeting, to discuss the Cadre's future. This might be their most important meeting. ("This might be the end...")

Submitted by Babette on (7/12/17)
ARR On her lonesome travels, Babette encounters Bucky and they exchange a few troubles. Namely that they share a concern for a certain lost wolf with memory issues... ("Snowflakes feel fake")

Submitted by Elliot on (7/12/17)
R Prince Elliot Daniels finally gets around to calling a pack meeting to make his "kingdom" official. ("Where the Wild Things Are")

Submitted by Pierre on (7/12/17)
SC Blaise is acting different, and she and Pierre end of bonding way deeper and fast than they've ever done before. Eventually, Pierre mentions they might have feelings for each other. Is this really true, and are the feelings mutual? ("Galway Girl")

Submitted by Pierre on (7/12/17)
SC Charcoal comes home with thoughts he needs to spill, only to find his bother Pierre who is much worse off. Exhausted and dazed, Pierre mumbles about letting the Cadre die out. How can they fix this? ("The mind is an enchanting thing")

Submitted by Ares on (7/11/17)
EW Ares comes back from the beach confused and hurt. Rufus comforts him. Somewhere in the middle, Fray's secret gets spilled. Oops..? ("Harlem Sunset ")

Submitted by Tempest on (7/11/17)
ICR Altair returns to the meadow and successfully seeks out his friend, resulting in a lot of unexpected crying from both of them. ("An irreversible mistake")

Submitted by Pace on (7/10/17)
ST For the first time in a long time, Pace calls a pack meeting for the Tribe. She had no idea who or how many will even show up! ("The More I Stray The Less I Fear")

Submitted by Stormfront on (7/10/17)
R Stormfront catches the scent of a bear and follows it to the scene of an attack. Unbeknownst to her, this particular loss is quite important to the wolves living nearby. ("Unbearable")

Submitted by Kamaal on (7/09/17)
R After speaking with Yuna, Kamaal decides to give it a go and sets out to find Renegade. The pair begin to talk, Renegade asking his ex travel companion about her feelings toward Fray, after having made his toward her clear. Speak of the devil, Fray joins the party, but, is quickly shoved away. Kamaal wishes to end things on her own and confesses that while she still loves Ren, her feelings toward Fray are hazy. A physical battle ends up breaking between the two of them. Perhaps some kind of wicked dance. ("Sunrise colored eyes")

Submitted by Marzena on (7/06/17)
FB After Valentina's death, Marzena calls the pack together to discuss what will happen next. ("Rise Up")

Submitted by Atlas on (7/05/17)
SA Troubled by the absence of the pack's one and only healer, Atlas seeks out the rest of the Wood family in hopes that they will know where Rhian has gone. ("lost & found")

Submitted by Renegade on (7/05/17)
RST Renegade is on the coast seeking Yuna, hoping she will have answers as to why Kamaal was disloyal to him. However, Kamaal decides to show up herself, along with her new boy-toy, Skuld, and even Ares. The tension between the group is clear. ("Tell me what you know")

Submitted by Yuna on (7/05/17)
EWST Yuna fulfills a promise to bring herbs to the Evergreen Wolves; she also bears news about injured friends of the pack but poor panicked Ares doesn't stick around after learning one of them is his adoptive mother Kamaal, leaving Yuna to hope for a second friendly face to appear. ("Not a spare second ")

Submitted by Natasha on (7/05/17)
FBSG Valentina's body is discovered by her packmates and some of the disbanded Sacred Guard pack. Her passing is the end of an era for the Firewing Brotherhood. ("Will you be there in the morning?")

Submitted by Sienna on (7/03/17)
R As Sienna and Adonai attempt a hunt, some very unwelcome guests appear. ("Aimlessness")

Submitted by Jingo on (7/03/17)
SA Jingo gets up the courage to speak to Atlas about joining the pack, and is accepted as a new Warden. ("Time to Level Up")

Submitted by Fray on (7/03/17)
R Fray wants to sleep. Kam wants to throw things at him. Somehow, this leads Fray into admitting he loves Kam, and Kam admits she loves Fray. How did this even happen? ("Have you heard the news? Bad things come in twos ")

Submitted by Nima on (7/03/17)
R Nima and Elliot are reunited, and Nima asks her son to take a place at her side in the building of a new kingdom. It's not quite what he had in mind. ("The Long Forgotten Sons")

Submitted by Beauregard on (7/02/17)
R Beauregard and Scabbia indulge in fermented berries. The adventure results in rare sincerity from the former and violence from the latter. ("Aged red")

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