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Submitted by Argus on (11/20/17)
R Long forgotten and having lost everything he cared for, Argus decides to move on. ("It’s Hard To Say I Love You, But It’s Hard To Say Goodbye ")

Submitted by Lux on (11/20/17)
HE Lux goes into labor and calls for Igbo. The screams attract Kopec, who stands guard at the entrance of the den while the couple both mourn and celebrate. After two healthy pups, comes a stillborn who they decide to bury together. ("Honey, get the car!")

Submitted by Yuna on (11/19/17)
ST Yuna meets the newest wolf to join the Silu Tribe, Jote. Her daughter Mahalo is very taken with her mother's new friend. ("This, I think, may be new ")

Submitted by Seeker on (11/19/17)
R The future is uncertain for Theodore and Seeker as they come down from the mountains where they discovered Emmalynn's grave. The boys make tentative plans when Seeker's sisters Stormfront and Sonya fail to heed their call. ("I want a moment to be real ")

Submitted by Saelys on (11/19/17)
SC After many bounds and leaps through obstacles with each other and outside forces, Relic finally brought their small group together to give life to a new family: Soulfire Covenant. ("Heaven must be just like this ")

Submitted by Nima on (11/18/17)
HE Scotch and Nima plot an attack against The Kingdom, but Igbo and Kiel oppose their decision. Things come to an explosive head when Nima admits to killing Idemoni. ("So Much to Consider")

Submitted by Kyra on (11/17/17)
TK Young Princess Kyra takes some of her first steps in the world and has some father-daughter bonding time with Elliot. ("Don’t leave me alone ")

Submitted by Bucky on (11/17/17)
ARR Bucky meets a stranger at the borders asking for Nima Daniels, and reunites with Kaete only to receive a lukewarm welcome despite his efforts to share something special. ("That part’ll happen pretty definitely ")

Submitted by Akatari on (11/15/17)
R Akatari enter the Hellmaw Caverns responding to Nima's call for Kiel. Unlucky for her, Belarus and Kiel show up, and a fight ensues. Akatari loses her life within her first hours of entering the Valley. ("Whenever I Want You All I Have to Do is Dream ")

Submitted by Belarus on (11/15/17)
HER Alexis returns to Hellmaw Empire, desperate to join. She is intercepted by Belarus, who had been ordered to keep her away. When she refuses to leave, he charged at her, hoping to chase her off. Instead, she asks for death and he gives it to her. ("A Second Try Couldn't Hurt?")

Submitted by Leas on (11/14/17)
EW Rathbone and Leas finally meet Rufus when he brings a rabbit as a gift. They chat casually about the Evergreens and pups. ("Raindrops on the Rooftop ")

Submitted by Catrine on (11/10/17)
HS Caspian and Catrine dig a den for their future pups while discussing recent pack events and their hopes for the future. ("A hole in the ground")

Submitted by Relic on (11/09/17)
R After Sienna confesses her feelings to Relic, the two go back to look for Stephan and Bea. At first, they're nowhere to be found. Until they discover a mostly hidden passage that leads to an undiscovered basin. After reuniting with the expecting parents inside, they decide to make the basin their new home. ("Paint it black")

Submitted by Magnus on (11/09/17)
AR Catching up with Caesar after his travels, Magnus comes up with a solution to her Proleator heir woes. In the process, their mateship is officialized. ("Weak of body, strong of mind")

Submitted by Elliot on (11/08/17)
RTK Hoping to either clear his name and/or gain another apothecary, Elliot grants Ransom permission to stick around The Kingdom's territory. ("Feeling like a warm red Autumn")

Submitted by Nima on (11/08/17)
HE Nima goes searching for Idemoni, worried for the girl's well-being. Ide, miserable and starving, begs for death. When it becomes clear that there is no other way to help her, Nima consents to ease her suffering with a final act of swift mercy. ("Somewhere Deep Inside of These Bones, an Emptiness Began to Grow")

Submitted by Daniel on (11/08/17)
R Daniel experiences his first serious paranoid episode. Fortunately, Damien is there to calm him down and makes everything better with cuddles. ("i'm inside-out, you're underneath")

Submitted by Maia on (11/08/17)
HE Maia admits to Belarus that she is terrified of her mountain pack mates and that she fears being murdered by them. The two decide to run away as soon as Nima's pups are weaned. ("i miss the hunt (& you)")

Submitted by Witchhazel on (11/06/17)
SA Witchhazel nears the end of two journeys; her first into Horizon, and her last of searching. After finally having found a befitting home, the anxious sea witch much face a new adventure: fitting into the Stormborn Alliance and making friends and a family for herself. ("Keep On Keeping On ")

Submitted by Saelys on (11/05/17)
TK Elliot performs a "little act of heroism" to save his daughter, Saelys, from nearly drowning. Then Saelys brings out a very unexpectedly affectionate side to Elliot...And then he asks if she wants him to train her to fight even though she's barely out of her fluffy potato bod phase. ("Let there be light!")

Submitted by Misaki on (11/04/17)
TK Misaki gives birth prematurely, and ends up with a stillborn girl and a baby boy who she calls Aethon. With this, the woman also decides she wants Elliot dead for giving her daughter deadly genes. ("And Things Never Go According To Plan ")

Submitted by Leas on (11/01/17)
EW Leas gives birth to four pups with Rathbone at her side. Their excitement turns to sorrow when they realize that one of their daughters is stillborn. The other three, Adhara, Adler, and Auberon are all healthy and happy. ("A Gift That Lasts Forever")

Submitted by Stark on (11/01/17)
FBR Returning to the Glen, hoping to better his life, Stark comes across Maeve. They actually have a rather decent talk (wow how is this possible), and Maeve tells him of her plans to go to the lake with a group. Stark decides to come along, hoping being around others will help him turn his life around. ("Snaps and Crackles")

Submitted by Dhracia on (10/30/17)
HSR A pair of burglars dig up one of the Sanctuary's caches, but fortunately, Nanook is on the case. ("maybe if we stand perfectly still, they won’t see us ")

Submitted by Cypress on (10/30/17)
EWR Rathbone requests to join the Evergreen Wolves officially, as well as his family, and is welcomed by Cypress. ("Initiate initiative ")

Submitted by Pierre on (10/30/17)
AR Pierre finds a suicidal Charcoal on the edge of the cliffs near the coast, ready to jump off. He manages have Charcoal back off away from the cliff, and both agree to go back home together. ("Life is a gift for some and but a curse for others")

Submitted by Leas on (10/30/17)
EWR Leas and Rathbone settle into the Evergreen Wolves territory; they discuss joining the pack, and then dig a den for their future pups. ("Dig, Dig, Dig ")

Submitted by Babette on (10/29/17)
AR Babette and Pharaoh endure a night of bitter devastation as they prepare to welcome their children into the world... only to be met with immeasurable melancholy. ("And I can’t help but wonder why ")

Submitted by Kiel on (10/27/17)
HE After accepting new members into the pack, Nima and Kiel decided to confront the tension built between them. What was left became bloody and confused, the two finally taking their separate ways. ("Well, Fucking Fiddle-de-de! ")

Submitted by Idemoni on (10/25/17)
HE Idemoni finally gives birth, and two stillborns and one healthy pup are born. Upset and afraid she will be a terrible mother, she gives her only surviving pup to Nima. ("That day you told yourself it would take so long, and now that day has suddenly come")

Submitted by Lorenzo on (10/25/17)
ARRSA Shade and Nomad finally reach Moonglade Springs, where they expect to have some fun and relax. However, they are intercepted by Lorenzo, who doesn't receive the visitors kindly. ("It’s water!")

Submitted by Misaki on (10/23/17)
TK Misaki speaks with Elliot, and begins to realize that maybe he isn't who she thought he was. The she-wolf began to start a plan to leave as soon as her and her pups were able. ("Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe. ")

Submitted by King on (10/23/17)
TK After King meets Peregryn, they decide to cause some mischief in The Kingdom. But before they can do anything, Ghada finds them and the trio have a meaningful conversation. The trio decide to travel together and leave behind TK borders. ("Oh He’s a Jolly Good Fellow ")

Submitted by Bianca on (10/22/17)
R Rune joins Bianca in an early morning hunt for deer. However, their plans go awry, leaving both of them injured. ("I saw the morning lead a cavalcade")

Submitted by Adonai on (10/22/17)
HS Adonai makes an unsettling discovery about his long-aching hip, but is happy to distract himself by welcoming a new member to the Sanctuary. ("Down at the Sunset Grill")

Submitted by Kamaal on (10/22/17)
UF Kamaal finally decides to call everyone together and make the pack official. About time. ("What is ours")

Submitted by Yuna on (10/22/17)
RST Yuna's three daughters Mahalo, Arashi and Kalea start socializing when they meet visitor Leas, and the Tribe leader Pace for the first time. ("Visiting Hours ")

Submitted by Natasha on (10/22/17)
FBR Natasha is back on the hunt for Eyja, and meets Catrine in the Rolling Prairies. ("Out in the open ")

Submitted by Kamaal on (10/19/17)
R Breaking the promise she'd made back at the beach, Kamaal calls for Skuld and requests she kill any surviving children if something ends up going wrong during birth, like it had with Fray's deceased lover, Hikari. ("Bibere venenum in auro")

Submitted by Achilles on (10/18/17)
EW In the wee hours of dawn, Achilles gives birth to three healthy pups and a stillborn. She is aided by Orion and Alina, the latter guiding her through the entire process. ("And So She Wore Her Heart Upon Her Sleeve")

Submitted by Leas on (10/18/17)
R Rathbone and Leas debate returning to the Rangers, or going to meet the Evergreens. They first settle on the Rangers, but then change their minds and decide to leave for the Evergreens soon after. ("This was a nice vacation and all…. ")

Submitted by Titania on (10/18/17)
RSA Maeve and Titania talk after months apart and get on good terms once more. ("long lost")

Submitted by Nima on (10/17/17)
HE In the dead of night, Nima brings three new lives into the world to join Idemoni's sole surviving pup. The ghosts of her past and the skeletons in Kiel's closet threaten to steal some of the joy from the occasion, though. ("When Tomorrow Comes")

Submitted by Arson on (10/17/17)
R Arson "Ajax" Arvantis makes his way into the valley. He is met with Cleopatra, who gives him very little useful information of the land, but also tells him of a pack called "The Evergreens". Presuming they are a tree-fucking cult, he decides to stay away from them. ("Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick")

Submitted by Blaise on (10/16/17)
AR Blaise and Pierre welcome Percival and Bayley to the family! ("In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights and cups of coffee")

Submitted by Cypress on (10/16/17)
EW The vigils are informed of Whiskey's abuse of their trust, and agree that he is no longer welcome in the forest. ("One of us")

Submitted by Yuna on (10/16/17)
ARST With the support of her friends Efeon and Fawn, Yuna welcomes three daughters into the world: Mahalo, Arashi, and Kalea. But a stillborn son and the pup's recently deceased father mean the occasion is bittersweet. ("Wind in my sail")

Submitted by Caspian on (10/15/17)
R Caspian and Albus practice hunting as a duo in the prairies and Albus faces his demons, but then Albus's missing brother Courage shows up. He is overcome to realize Caspian is now acting as adoptive father to Albus. ("First Steps")

Submitted by Pip on (10/15/17)
RSA Oberon finds a fever-stricken Pip, and the truth about who Lysander is to him comes spilling out. ("Fever")

Submitted by Nima on (10/13/17)
HE On the shores of Lake Melody, Nima calls her followers to unite them at last under an official name: The Hellmaw Empire ("We Built This City")

Submitted by Epidemic on (10/09/17)
R Epidemic and Adrian travel north together... but not for long. ("drifting. ")

Submitted by Aksel on (10/09/17)
R Aksel Holt has returned to the Horizon Valley, but isn't the same wolf he use to be. ("I Think I've Forgotten This Before.")

Submitted by Poet on (10/08/17)
SA Atlas gets Poet caught up to speed on things that have happened since he left. What he doesn't expect to hear, however, is that his beloved mate, Valentina, was killed. ("catching up ")

Submitted by Stormfront on (10/07/17)
R Reunited at last, Seeker and Theodore plan their next move. Seeker's sisters, however, get off to a rocky start with Theo, and hurt feelings and misunderstandings abound. ("If you needed love, well then ask for love")

Submitted by Kaete on (10/05/17)
AR Kaete returns home by herself after arguing with Nomad. She has a long conversation with Bucky, and despite finding out about some unpleasant things, she decides that this is still her home. ("alone above a raging sea")

Submitted by Titania on (10/04/17)
RSA Titania meets an ever enthusiastic Lemming by the beach, and invites him to travel north with her and her sister. ("Waves")

Submitted by Rufus on (10/02/17)
EW Scotch is sent away from the Evergreen Wolves for his brother's misdeeds. ("Just unending")

Submitted by Eyja on (10/01/17)
FBR Eyja passes out at the Bay and is soon awoken by Laura. They talk and decide to travel together, eventually. To find Eyja's missing daughter- Asha. ("Let me sleep")

Submitted by Sunfall on (9/30/17)
R It's a rogue's life when some of the visitors in and around the Hillside Sanctuary - Relic, Sunfall and Stephen - team up for some socializing and a hunt. Bea participates in the former but bows gracefully out of the latter for the boys to have their manly bonding time. ("Voyager")

Submitted by Beauregard on (9/30/17)
R Through labor first easy, then excruciating, Scabbia births two puppies in a desert alcove. ("Chosen fate")

Submitted by Nima on (9/26/17)
R Concerned at the absence of her mate and loyalists, Nima's mind goes to dark places. But a conversation with a dedicated follower helps to set her mind at ease. ("Everything I Touch Turns to Ashes")

Submitted by Leas on (9/26/17)
R After experiencing 'morning sickness', Leas realizes she is pregnant following a conversation with Pierre and Rathbone. Rath and Leas discuss the pregnancy more and decide they should find a healer. ("Fresh Snow")

Submitted by Epidemic on (9/17/17)
R Where the Emerald Union once stood, Adrian and Epidemic take awhile to get on the same page. ("Unforgiven.")

Submitted by Catrine on (9/17/17)
RTK Catrine meets Elliot at The Kingdom borders and the two have a short discussion about The Kingdom. The conversation leaves both of them frustrated. ("Investigations ")

Submitted by Regent on (9/17/17)
RST After finding the dead body of Tidus, Regent is the one to break the news to Yuna. The widow asks if she can go see him one last time. ("Scuttling")

Submitted by Rufus on (9/17/17)
EWR Scotch, Whiskey, and Wayfarer make it to the caves after a vicious battle with members of The Kingdom. The stories they share leave more questions than answers for Rufus and Mari. ("Crawling back to you")

Submitted by Catrine on (9/16/17)
R While looking for Mair, Catrine runs into Sunfall. He warns her about Elliot and The Kingdom. He suggests she goes back north to meet the wolves at the Hillside Sanctuary, but Catrine pursues her friend south. ("Where Oh Where Have You Gone? ")

Submitted by Nanook on (9/09/17)
HS Sienna calls the wolves of the The Sanctuary together, making the pack official and wanting to discuss the details on the matter. Everyone that attends is thrown off when Senna has an outburst and the Sanctuary wolves begin their journey with a rocky start. ("may i have your attention please! ")

Submitted by Leas on (9/09/17)
ARR Bucky leave Rathbone and Leas alone together so that he can head off Empress before she finds her children. Rath and Leas agree that they'll travel together in the spring and decide to officially become mates. ("Emerald Bay Lifesaving")

Submitted by Bucky on (9/08/17)
ARR Pharaoh is infuriated when a guest of the Adunati Rangers, Fluffy, makes a mess of the cache. He and his sister Regent defend their food, attracting Bucky and also Fluffy's friends, mute Tahti and pregnant Holly. After the scuffle, a furious Bucky throws Fluffy out of the territory and forbids him from returning, but wise Tahti knows Holly needs somewhere safe for her puppies and lingers to have a 'conversation' with Bucky about potentially staying. ("Adapt and grow")

Submitted by Rorret on (9/06/17)
R Inspired by the body he found in the desert, Rorret decides to spin a yarn for Catrine near the borders of the Starfall Cadre. ("All the world's a stage")

Submitted by Leas on (9/05/17)
ARR Leas returns to the gorge to tell the Proleator children that their mother is on the way. She only finds Pharaoh who is not looking forward to seeing his mother again. ("Good News Everyone! ")

Submitted by Rufus on (9/03/17)
RSA Zaan's obsession with Ororo turns into violent confrontation in Alliance territory. A rogue, Carter, puts a final stop to Zaan's madness. ("There is no home like the one you got")

Submitted by Rathbone on (9/03/17)
R After meeting Leas, Rathbone returns to Empress with the location of her children and they head off to find them with little delay. ("Bearer of good news")

Submitted by Gunnar on (9/03/17)
FBR Gunnar smells Eyja's scent, but it's old. He speaks with Clint, who confirms she's been around and will most likely return. ("Searching for a point.")

Submitted by Bravo on (9/01/17)
R Far away from the place they once called home, Lady Tem and Uncle Sir discuss mercy, agency, justice, and most important of all--what it means for their future. ("Wrath of the Giver")

Submitted by Yuna on (9/01/17)
ST Yuna and Tidus reunite. Things do not go well however, and both are left miserable and alone at the conclusion of their conversation. ("Folorn")

Submitted by Leas on (9/01/17)
ARR Leas follows Pharaoh into Adunati Rangers territory and meets Caesar and Bucky to ask if she can stay with the pack through the winter. ("Stones and snow")

Submitted by Caspian on (8/31/17)
RSC Still traveling together, Caspian and Albus reach the borders of the Starfall Cadre. Caspian is hoping to see his sister and ask about joining; Albus however is terrified of the pack's reaction to his running away. ("We Are Groot")

Submitted by Yuna on (8/31/17)
ST Yuna realizes the cyclone must have killed her mate and undertakes a search of the shoreline for his body. A confused and frustrated Eerik tries to help but the grieving Yuna isn't willing to accept it. ("You don’t know me and I’ll never be what you want me to be ")

Submitted by Bucky on (8/31/17)
ARFB It's manly bonding time as Stark settles in to his visit to the Adunati Rangers and he and Bucky do a spot of hunting together in Wavehaen Gorge. ("Sugar cones ")

Submitted by Rathbone on (8/30/17)
R Rathbone happens across an in-heat Leas. ("Frustrations")

Submitted by Shade on (8/28/17)
STSA Shade and Jingo continue searching for Sam and Rhian. Shade decides to ask the Silu Tribe if they knew anything regarding. ("Let's take a walk. Don't forget your key, baby.")

Submitted by Ryd on (8/27/17)
SC With Charcoal's departure leading to a forfeit in their competition, Ryd becomes de facto Keeper of the Starfall Cadre. Faithful, Charcoal's sister, asks Ryd to make her Inquisitor. ("The Reboot")

Submitted by Lysander on (8/27/17)
RSA Lysander wants his children to learn who their real father is, but their adoptive father, Rhydian, remains staunchly against it. Will their long-standing disagreement finally come to a head? ("extra dry, extra olives")

Submitted by Catrine on (8/26/17)
R Mair and Catrine find a creek for a drink, and share a rabbit for a meal. ("Give me space")

Submitted by Natasha on (8/26/17)
FBRTK Investigating rumours about the Brotherhood, and what little information she has on the mystery pack across the river, Natasha sets up the rogue girl Neomiizana to see how the Kingdom react to a trespasser. ("Take on the world")

Submitted by Belarus on (8/24/17)
R Aaba comes across a familiar scent and meets Eden once again, this time with Tiberius. What starts as a civil conversation leads to a murderous plan and ultimately results in Aaba's death. ("dead angels")

Submitted by Leas on (8/24/17)
FBR Natasha corrects Leas' misunderstanding about the Firewing Brotherhood - and shares lots of information about other packs nearby. ("Quiet and Calm")

Submitted by Benjamin on (8/23/17)
R Benjamin makes his way to the coast with the help Artem and Atalya, and howls out for either his sisters, or anyone who can help him find them. ("Does this make them ‘Sea Wolves’? ")

Submitted by Nima on (8/23/17)
FBR Nima stumbles upon a dying Emmalyn, and does what she can to ease her passing. ("Distrust and caution are the parents of security")

Submitted by Igbo on (8/21/17)
TK Igbo and Idemoni speak about their future with the Kingdom.. and among other things.. ("I hate you all, I hope you die")

Submitted by Sienna on (8/21/17)
R Sienna calls the Sanctuary wolves together to discuss the possible formation of the Sanctuary as a permanent pack. ("may i have your attention please!")

Submitted by Catrine on (8/21/17)
R Catrine and Mair enter and re-enter the valley, respectively. They run into Beauregard who warns them about the wolves in the valley. ("What is this place, a wasteland?")

Submitted by Cypress on (8/21/17)
EW Cypress wonders if the Evergreen Wolves are still who they were when they started. ("A Devotional Watching")

Submitted by Seeker on (8/18/17)
FB Seeker is so desperate to resume the hunt for Theodore that he attempts to sneak away from Marzena who has forbidden him to go. He is willing to risk his place in the pack, leave his adoptive sister behind and even lie to Marzena... ("All paranoid and crotchety ")

Submitted by Igbo on (8/17/17)
TK Directed by Nima to find her loyalist, Belarus and his companion Maia howl for Igbo and Idemoni. More shows up than expected. ("What a beautiful day. ")

Submitted by Belarus on (8/17/17)
R After a short hunt, Belarus and Maia discuss trying to find Idemoni and Igbo and a future pack blossoming. ("A wolf hunt.")

Submitted by Goneril on (8/16/17)
R Goneril meets Scabbia in Eastern Wastelands. Scabbia leads her to the valley and warns her about Elliot. ("How utterly boring")

Submitted by Altair on (8/16/17)
R A conversation between Mordor and Altair goes south, leading the former to start a physical fight. Aware that strength in numbers would help him, the puppy yowls in pain as loud as he possibly can to attract the attention of any nearby wolves. ("Head North.")

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