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Submitted by Kaya on (6/21/18)
R Crixus and Kaya ensure their future pack will start off on the right paw by taking down a moose for their cache. ("The babysitter ")

Submitted by Sunfall on (6/19/18)
RTV Sunfall incorrectly assumes the Vanguard have sent Ross after him and attacks, but it's the last mistake he makes. ("Fied up and tired of the way that things have been ")

Submitted by Astred on (6/19/18)
SC Faced with a tough situation, Daniel makes a choice. Damien makes a decision. Later, Astred makes a promise. ("Deliver Us")

Submitted by Bucky on (6/17/18)
AR Bucky accepts Tamaska into the Adunati Rangers, and they speak on the pack, the upcoming winter, and further treatment for Tamaska after her head injury. ("What lies beyond the stormclouds ")

Submitted by Ozias on (6/16/18)
R Ozias attempts to grow some backbone when he's attacked by an enraged Brynn, and his new companion Gareth comes to his aid. Things take a violent and gory turn and Brynn looses his life. ("Last stand")

Submitted by Percival on (6/15/18)
ARSC Eve, Braith, and Percy travel to the Basin to ask whether there has been any sign of Bayley. They meet the Covenant's resident pups, who explain that the blind wolf has not been seen, so they head off in the direction of Hellmaw to search some more. ("Hide away, they say")

Submitted by Kaya on (6/15/18)
R Kaya is somewhat skeptical to meet Larisa and Narcisa's brother, but Draogmir wins her over and Kaya comes to believe he will be a worthy addition to Crixus's pack. ("Introductory issues ")

Submitted by Ash on (6/15/18)
ARR While wandering (and sulking) in the north, Ash discovers Moonrise Bay and a wolf just as grumpy as himself: Crixus. Ash agrees to keep an eye out for some missing pack members. ("Shadowhunters")

Submitted by Calypso on (6/15/18)
FBR After meeting Stark, Calypso and her mate Sterling arrive the the Falls to ask about joining, and Eyja accepts them into the Firewing Brotherhood. ("Does It Sound Like Home?")

Submitted by Claes on (6/15/18)
SC Claes learns that Astred is back home from Anna. Feeling a bit jealous of the relationship Anna has with her, he seeks her out on the Lookout with the intention of figuring out why Anna is so interested. In typical Claes fashion, he skirts around what he really wants with idle threats. He confronts her about training Anna as well, and asks to be included, but Astred turns him down. ("The Day Girl and the Night Boy.")

Submitted by Epidemic on (6/14/18)
TV Epidemic is in heat, but Ross has different reasons why he came to see her. ("fine, fresh, feminine")

Submitted by Effie on (6/14/18)
FBHE From one end of the mountains to the other - Effie visits Hellmaw shortly after talking with Relic. Effie goes in search of Kopec and she finds her, along with Igbo. They talk and eventually, Effie reveals the location of Nima's grave - a small detail that the Hellmaw wolves seemed unaware of. ("They say we are what we are.")

Submitted by Astred on (6/14/18)
SC After confessing their feelings, Damien Aderly and Astred Valfreyja officially become mates. ("Take a pin to a heart-shaped balloon")

Submitted by Effie on (6/13/18)
FBSC Effie stops to visit Relic after she finds Clint in the mountains. She proposes an alliance between the Covenant and the Brotherhood and arranges a meeting between the pack leaders. She meets Stephan and Bea as well - but, unfortunately, has little time to talk outside of pack business. ("Truth be told")

Submitted by Stephan on (6/12/18)
SC Stephan tells Anna more of the myths and stories he grew up with, as well as a little bit about his upbringing. Afterward, he speaks with Bea and the two officially (finally) become mates. ("Glädje")

Submitted by Nomad on (6/12/18)
ARR Nomad's feelings for Rocco become more clear to him, and he decides to bring her flowers. They meet on the coast, and talk a little, and then they get snuggly, and then things get a little heated. But in the end they just cuddle. Rocco says she wants to stay with Nomad. ("It's a date")

Submitted by Nomad on (6/12/18)
AR Nomad realizes his feelings for Rocco might be real, and he seeks out Bucky for some solid relationship advice. ("My relationship councilor")

Submitted by Nomad on (6/12/18)
ARR Nomad takes Rocco to the Gorge after giving up on the search for Shade, for now. There, Rocco meets Bucky, and Nomad gives her a tour. ("Princess, this is my castle")

Submitted by Anna on (6/11/18)
SC Damien seeks out Anna to tutor him in "The Northern Language." ("Favours")

Submitted by Tomas on (6/10/18)
HER As the seasons begin to change, a semi-flirty Tomas gets propositioned by June Bug to mate with her so she can die. Disbelief ensues. ("Impact vs Intention")

Submitted by Anna on (6/09/18)
SC Upon realizing that Astred has returned to the basin, Anna seeks her out to confront her for leaving without notice and being gone for so long. When that tension passes, the two speak for a while and Astred agrees to seek permission from Stephan to tutor his daughter. ("Excuse me, there is no revolving door here ")

Submitted by Aiden on (6/09/18)
ARTV Ash and Aiden cross paths in the woods. When Ash offers going exploring, Aiden accepts. The moment the two set off, Epidemic arrives. However, she leaves shortly after when she notices the awkwardness of her arrival. Eventually, Aiden leaves, too, out of boredom. ("Like the wind we'd be wild and free")

Submitted by Aiden on (6/09/18)
TV During a thunderstorm, Icarus tries to connect with Aiden in an attempt to prove to himself that the boy isn't like his brother, Dalus. He was wrong. ("under thunder")

Submitted by Maya on (6/06/18)
RSC In the midst of a thunderstorm, Maya seeks shelter under a tree that just so happens to be occupied. There, she meets Damien. They talk, and Maya discovers that he's out looking for Astred and that he's related to Valley - the cute girl she met some time ago. Maya offers to keep a look out for both of them and they share the cover until the storm passes. ("Beyond")

Submitted by Effie on (6/04/18)
FBHER Effie ventures into the mountains in a last ditch effort to find Clint. Surprisingly, she manages to locate him. It takes some convincing on her part but she eventually gets him to agree to return to the Brotherhood with her. Meanwhile, she meets the strange and eccentric Mirielle - as well as one of Nima's daughters. ("One last chance")

Submitted by Tomas on (6/04/18)
HE Tomas and Igbo, the remaining adults of the Empire, discuss where the Empire stands and how to proceed. ("Wouldna Ya Know It")

Submitted by Sterling on (6/04/18)
RTV An act of 'shake it off' for Sterling ends up with a clash and roll with Epidemic - and a bit of lewd behavior. ("Stress Zoomies")

Submitted by Stephan on (6/02/18)
SC Stephan seeks out Claes after growing tired of his son avoiding him. During a walk along the border, Stephan attempts to repair their strained relationship after an argument by revealing a little of his upbringing. ("Blue blood ribbon")

Submitted by Veritas on (6/02/18)
R While out on a recruiting trip, Kaya meets the younger and more 'simple' male, Veritas. Somehow, he convinces her to let him come along to meet Crixus in another territory. ("Ever Watchful")

Submitted by Auracilla on (6/01/18)
R Jaylan stumbles upon a damsel in distress, or so he thought! He and his newfound friend, Auracilla, share a playful game of waterworks before agreeing to meet his friend, Maya. They plan to begin traveling together after a quick trip to Harlequin Meadow. ("Reflections")

Submitted by Maya on (5/31/18)
R AJ introduces Maya to berries, which is super cool!! And delicious. AJ breaks the news that the Stormborn Alliance disbanded, which is a lot less cool. ("CHECK IT")

Submitted by Eve on (5/30/18)
ARR Pierre panics when he can't find his son Bayley, and as a concerned Braith tries to help him, Eve brings some more bad news. ("When you thought life could not get worse")

Submitted by Mirielle on (5/27/18)
HSR Finn encounters the oddity that is Mirielle. ("Due to My Side Game, This is a Diversion")

Submitted by June on (5/21/18)
RSC Daniel stumbles upon the scene of Harlow's suicide and finds June eating her fill. ("Goodnight, Irene")

Submitted by Nomad on (5/20/18)
ARR Nomad meets Rocco, and sort of gets in between her and her ex mate Scotch. Oops, awkward moment. Rocco offers Nomad to help him look for Shade, though, and they start traveling together. ("Im baaaack")

Submitted by Nomad on (5/20/18)
ARSA Nomad goes to seek out Shade at the Stormborn Alliance, only to meet Jay and hear the Stormborn Alliance has disbanded. ("Knock knock! Neighbor is here to borrow your lawn mower and not return it for a year!")

Submitted by Eve on (5/18/18)
ARRSC Returning to the valley, Eve meets Anna and the two girls wind up friends. Eve however is worried about her old packmates and resolves to get home as quickly as possible. ("I am not a stranger to the dark ")

Submitted by Anna on (5/16/18)
AR Unable to find his brother, Percy raises the alarm to Pierre that Bayley has gone missing. ("Fluff out your coat, winter is coming")

Submitted by Larisa on (5/15/18)
R After more than a year apart, Larisa and Narcisa reunite. The sisters get off to a rocky start but come to agree on a plan for the immediate future. Their most pressing concern is finding help for Narcisa's wounds. ("S.O.S.")

Submitted by Benvolio on (5/15/18)
R Vienna runs into Morwen and an injured Benvolio. After helping to remove porcupine quills from his leg, Vienna and Benny both accept Morwen's invitation back to her home. ("Wild Pup")

Submitted by Astred on (5/11/18)
RSC After reluctantly agreeing to fix the mess made by Elliot's murderers, Relic and Astred not only meet Nero and Kyra but are able to talk to the children and offer their help. ("I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife")

Submitted by Fox on (5/10/18)
AR Fox has an exceptionally long, confusing, and upsetting conversation with Nomad and Bucky. ("Neat and Tidy")

Submitted by Catrine on (5/10/18)
HS With Cassian returned to the Sanctuary, he catches up with Catrine on recent pack information. The pair share their news and a few flirtatious glances as well. ("Waiting for the light, take the flame tonight. ")

Submitted by Marceline on (5/10/18)
RSC Daniel leads Marceline to the basin where the older woman meets Claes and her son Damien in an uncomfortable encounter for all. ("tear in my heart")

Submitted by Marceline on (5/03/18)
RSC Marceline meets Daniel on the beach when she is mistaken for her son from a distance. She discovers that Daniel knows Damien. Daniel offers to take her to her son and she agrees. ("Looking, searching, walking, wandering ")

Submitted by Tomas on (4/29/18)
HE In the wake of beginning to pick up pieces after Nima's demise, Tomas and Kopec have a heart to heart about pack survival and life. ("Harbinger")

Submitted by Seeker on (4/29/18)
R On a grey day by the lake, Seeker calls Theodore to an island to investiage it as a holiday home or sorts for the two rogue boys. ("Whitecaps ")

Submitted by Atlas on (4/14/18)
SA Atlas informs Poet and Josalyn of his intention to disband the Stormborn Alliance, and the three friends talk of a future without the pack. ("to everything there is a season ")

Submitted by Kiel on (4/10/18)
HER Kiel is back within reach of the empire, however, Kopec intercepts him. A few threats later and the news of his previous mate is spilt, he's welcomed with unopened arms further up the mountain. ("Stone road to nowhere")

Submitted by Relic on (4/09/18)
FBSC Astred and Relic decide to exchange skills - Astred is to teach Relic how to become a better fighter as long as Relic teaches Astred how to be more diplomatic. In the end, they meet Natasha who offers to take them to find Elliot and the rest of her hunting party. ("Nostalgia is a dirty liar")

Submitted by Tesla on (4/04/18)
ARR Tesla seeks out Eden and Thrush at the Adunati Rangers, and continues to spread a web of lies about her enemies to Pierre. ("Glory Seeker ")

Submitted by Ash on (4/03/18)
AR Ash and Percy are a terrible influence on one another and make plans to sneak off to the mountains. ("Ready Steady Go")

Submitted by Natasha on (3/30/18)
FB Stark breaks the bad news to Natasha: Marzena, their mother and pack leader, has died. ("Inception ")

Submitted by Yuna on (3/30/18)
ARST Yuna and her daughters arrive at the Adunati Rangers to visit, and for the healer to help young Fox. ("Old friends ")

Submitted by Tesla on (3/30/18)
R Tesla is invited to visit Crixus's island in the bay, where she hears his plans to build an exclusive pack. The devious pair form an alliance. ("Show me yours, I’ll show you mine ")

Submitted by Icarus on (3/18/18)
EWTV A diplomatic visit is cut short when Icarus and Ross come across a member of the Evergreen Wolves who lost a fight with a bear. ("An Unfortunate End")

Submitted by Larisa on (3/17/18)
R Kaya, Crixus, and Larisa meet on the island in the bay to discuss their preliminary plans to build a pack. ("Clubhouse")

Submitted by Bucky on (3/17/18)
ARR Benny comes to find Holly's children only to learn she has left the valley, and her pups. Bucky tells Rowan, Ash and Saya the truth about why their mother sought refuge with the Rangers in the first place, and levels with them about their father's mistakes. The pups are left uncertain about their own future. ("This falls on you")

Submitted by Tesla on (3/16/18)
R Kindred spirits meet when Tesla and Tiberius seek shelter from the rain. ("I do not yield ")

Submitted by Rathbone on (3/15/18)
EWTV Epidemic meets Rathbone in the evergreens to officially introduce the Vanguard and meet their neighbours. After introductions and formalities are taken care of and awkward jokes are made, the two go off for a hunt. ("riding in on my skateboard with no helmet")

Submitted by Amelie on (3/15/18)
R After Vittorio's disappearance, Amelie calls for Ransom to tell him that she wants to back home to the desert. He agrees to return with her. ("Blackholes")

Submitted by Lemming on (3/12/18)
R Lemming makes his final mistake. ("To seek but never find")

Submitted by Nanook on (3/11/18)
HS Nanook has finally returned to The Sanctuary, after searching for Senna, only to find that his searching was in vain. She had come home safe and sound and he had left on a whim of emotions. He is left feeling like a failure and hopes that the Sanctuary Wolves will accept him as their Guardian still. ("I'm Home")

Submitted by Ace on (3/07/18)
HS Caspian runs away from Albus and Catrine for the final time, only to leave Albus heartbroken and confused. ("What I deserve")

Submitted by Leas on (3/06/18)
EW After Leas explains that Achilles has abandoned the pack and her pups, Dionysus and Leas argue, resulting in the pup leaving the Evergreen Wolves. ("It ain’t easy")

Submitted by Maaike on (3/02/18)
RSA Maaike makes up her mind to leave the Stormborn Alliance... and the entire valley. Her friend Scott agrees to go with her. ("I’ll miss you ")

Submitted by Pharaoh on (3/02/18)
AREW Pharaoh Proleator visits his pack to tell Nomad and Pierre he and his mate Babette are going to help the ailing Evergreens. ("Side trip ")

Submitted by Icarus on (3/02/18)
TV Icarus Dusk summons his companions under the evening glow to make the founding of the Twilight Vanguard official. ("it’s so good to be home")

Submitted by Natasha on (2/23/18)
ARFBTK Travel partners from the Brotherhood Natasha and Cygnus arrive at the Adunati Rangers to fill them in on the plans against the Kingdom. ("Reaching up to the sky ")

Submitted by Efeon on (2/23/18)
ARST Efeon takes a trip up to the Hidden Cove to find Yuna, in the hopes that she'll be able to help his daughter Fox. ("Nee-naw Nee-naw")

Submitted by Nima on (2/21/18)
HEHSTK Hoping the Sanctuary will keep their word about offering troops, Nima ventures north to rally recruits for a fight against Elliot. She manages to recruit Sunfall -- and gets an unexpected surprise when she learns Sikozu is there as well. ("The Better to Eat You With, My Dear")

Submitted by Nima on (2/21/18)
HETK Leaving The Kingdom territory, Nima runs into an old loyalist from her gang, Harlow, and two new friends. They agree to join her fight against Elliot. ("But Grandma, What Big Teeth You Have")

Submitted by Nima on (2/21/18)
HETK Fed up with waiting and excuses, Nima slips down into the valley to tend to the Elliot problem herself. She first meets her granddaughter, Kyra, and then Manson -- before delivering a warning to Elliot in his last chance to escape his doom. ("If You Want Something Done Right")

Submitted by Caspian-Inactive on (2/14/18)
HSR Thrush comes across a severely depressed Caspian and though he is largely unresponsive, she sets his mind on a just slightly more positive course. ("Giving Up")

Submitted by Carter on (2/13/18)
R In a kidnapping--gone hostage-- gone near death battle, Carter clashes violently against Petunia, the caretaker of the orphaned desert children, Amelie and Vittorio. ("alone i find my river.")

Submitted by Makki on (2/12/18)
HSR After arriving with the Kingdom escapees, Catrine calls for Makki to talk about the kid's future. He agrees to join the Hillside Sanctuary (with a big ol happy cry), and leaves to fetch Neomii. ("Eat, drink, stay a while ")

Submitted by Pharaoh on (2/05/18)
AR A dismayed Pierre believes his brother has gone AWOL. Pharaoh, still recovering from his own hardships, suggests a hunt. The somewhat unlikely duo learn they make a good team. ("It took a while ")

Submitted by Leas on (2/04/18)
EW Rathbone and Leas discuss the pack, puppies, and recruitment. Leas becomes an aide instead of an herbalist. ("Hello my darling")

Submitted by Rathbone on (2/04/18)
EWST Rathbone visits the Tribe to speak with Pace, but is met by Yuna instead. The two give each other updates on the condition of their packs, how both have lost members with adults outnumbered by pups. They both try to come up with solutions. In the end, they simply part ways with their new information. ("Informative union")

Submitted by Seeker on (2/04/18)
RST Searching for Marce, Seeker musters some courage to visit the Tribe, but it's short-lived when Jote puts her foot down over his nerves. The paranoid youngster rapidly flees. ("Out of place")

Submitted by Makki on (2/02/18)
SC Finally, Makki and Neomiizana leave the Cadre for good. ("We are Forest Fairies")

Submitted by Tesla on (1/31/18)
R Tesla and Sokol, old rivals, come face to face on the Prairies and reach an agreement, but not without seemingly scaring off Esme. ("Quelling ")

Submitted by Andale on (1/31/18)
R Rogues Andale and Issa meet Senna from the Hillside Sanctuary Pack. Andale has to make a choice of staying with Issa or going with Senna to become a member of her pack. ("greener pastures")

Submitted by Shade on (1/21/18)
SA Feeling lost, Shade decides to leave the Alliance. He meets up with Jingo who has a similar plan and they agree to leave together soon. ("You could still be what you want to be, what you said you were when I met you.")

Submitted by Maaike on (1/17/18)
RSAUF Maaike and Lemming arrive at Uruz territory, sent by Kamaal herself, to ask if anyone from the pack has seen Titania. ("What do you think is gonna happen? ")

Submitted by Nima on (1/13/18)
HEHSSCTK As envoys from the Sanctuary and the Covenant arrive at the Hellmaw, Nima provides her official version of events about Elliot Daniels with the intention of setting the record straight -- and perhaps recruiting allies to her cause. ("Of gold and starlight")

Submitted by Astred on (1/07/18)
SC During a conversation with the Lumen, Astred vows to protect every Covenant member with her life and to try to gain Relic's trust and respect. Playtime is considered over. ("Playtime")

Submitted by Sorrel on (1/07/18)
EW While exploring the caverns, Sorrel gets more than she bargained for when she falls into the pool. She's saved from drowning by Rathbone, however. ("The Deadlights")

Submitted by Asher on (1/06/18)
R Incredibly bored yearling Asher Redmond faces quite the predicament when he sticks his nose into an anthill. ("Making Mountains Out of Molehills- Err..Anthills?")

Submitted by Natasha on (1/06/18)
FBR Shy yearling Cygnus is determined to turn her life around, and takes up Natasha's offer to join the Firewing Brotherhood. Marzena accepts the girl into the ranks. ("Hunter")

Submitted by Var on (1/05/18)
RSC After expressing interesting in meeting with the pack leaders, Damien brings Var to Starshatter Basin, where they find Stephan and Relic. After some deliberation, Var decides to join their cause as a huntress. ("Black Blood")

Submitted by Leas on (1/03/18)
EW Alina calls the Evergreens together to inform them that most of the pack has left. Those remaining pledge to work together and they appoint Alina as guardian. ("Is anyone there? ")

Submitted by Bucky on (12/31/17)
ARR Braith meets up with Bucky of the Adunati Rangers for a second time and he offers to let her stay a while with his pack. ("Steal My Sunshine ")

Submitted by Jethro on (12/31/17)
R After a joyful reunion, Jethro and Nayomi vow to stay together. During the first leg of their travels, emotions run rampant. Things end on an awkward note when they stumble on a touchy subject for both of them. ("I'm Glad You Found Me")

Submitted by Igbo on (12/30/17)
HE Igbo takes a stand. Nima digs up her past. Tomas is right there for the ride. The Empire experiences some heavy turbulence. ("a raven who spots something shiny")

Submitted by Pierre on (12/26/17)
ARR Aristolte barges into pack territory and is confronted by a wounded Pierre and Bucky. A fight happens, and the Rangers show they cannot be messed with, even if things seem tough for them. ("Just take away the pain")

Submitted by Astred on (12/22/17)
RSC After an enthusiastic Benvolio reunites with a less excited Astred, the two journey to Starshatter Basin, where they are introduced to Stephan. ("Here We Go Again")

Submitted by Yuna on (12/22/17)
ARST Worried about his friend and teacher, Nomad comes to visit Yuna at the Tribe. He hits it off with Mahalo, who is delighted to make a new friend. ("We haven’t seen each other in forever ")

Submitted by Poet on (12/20/17)
RSA Poet and Apollo finally reunite with Josalyn as their witness. It's not full of questionable amounts of love and bromance like expected, however. ("Full time magic")

Submitted by Eve on (12/16/17)
AR Efeon and Eve spend some quality daddy-daughter time together at the Shoal. ("Putting on a Show-al ")

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