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(11/19/17, 9:57pm) Weekly Weather: Spring weather continues to slowly warm as rain and high winds arrive mid-week.

(11/17/17, 9:23pm) Horizon's Second Annual Art Advent Calendar is here! Check out the thread to sign up for free character art. (And if you're an artist, a chance to delight others with your skills!)

(11/17/17, 11:08am) Quick reminder: Puppy accounts should not be created until their birth thread has started in the appropriate season. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to staff!

(11/16/17, 2:11pm) Introducing: the Horizon Site Change Log! This page is home to all the updates that happen both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. You’ll find rule tweaks, map updates, pack additions and a whole lot more as this page grows with the site.

(11/11/17, 3:17pm) We're looking for your feedback on the HY3-HY4 puppy season! Check out the feedback thread for more details!

(11/07/17, 8:14am) All holiday gift exchange matches have been sent! Be sure to check your PMs and reply to confirm receiving your match.

(11/06/17, 7:20am) Weekly Weather: No snow this week as warmer temperatures struggle to trend towards warmth. No rain reaches the desert or the southern valley.

(11/01/17, 9:01am) Congratulations to our OTMs for October, Aeon (Member of the Month!) and Scabbia (Character of the Month). Thank you for everything you do! Remember to vote for November's OTMs here!

(10/29/17, 6:21pm) Weekly weather: Temperatures jump back up, though there is still some snowfall in the middle of the week, especially near the mountain ranges.

(10/26/17, 6:18pm) And just like that, Full Spring has arrived! Forty-five wolves have a birthday this month, but Happy First Birthday to Titania, Conner, Lee, Savannah, Castor, Bree, Demetrius, Oberon, Rolland, Cygnus, Senna, and Astra. Activity Check has also been run and 26 wolves have been marked inactive. Please remember any wolves marked inactive must be considered absent ICly and have exited the valley! Thank you!

(10/22/17, 7:23pm) Staff note: Due to an influx of new cave territories created in the last year (including some approved and awaiting forum creation), we'd like to request a temporary pause on creation of new cave-based territories as part of subarea creation. Learn more about how to create a subarea here, and reach out to any staff member if you have questions or would like some help coming up with unique and interesting ideas for subarea territories!

(10/22/17, 6:16pm) We are so excited to announce that Horizon's Third Official Holiday Gift Exchange is ready to rumble! Details about the exchange can be found here. Check it out, sign up, and start getting into that holiday spirit!

(10/22/17, 6:03pm) Horizon's Third Annual Holiday Gift Exchange is here! Visit the thread and register by Nov. 5 to participate!

(10/22/17, 3:54pm) Weekly weather: Cold temperatures and snow return in a tug of war between winter and spring. Snows primarily affect the northern part of the valley. The desert will experience light rains in the latter half of the week.

(10/14/17, 11:15pm) Weekly Weather: Melting snow and passing showers leave much of the valley treacherously muddy as the first signs of plant life return.

(10/09/17, 6:39pm) Don't forget! Friday the 13th, we will be hosting our Halloween Skype party in celebration of HY4! Ghouls, goblins, and ghosts are welcome. Bring your costumes, and keep an eye out for the link to join the festivities which start at 7PM CDT (cbox time)!

(10/01/17, 3:21pm) Congratulations to our OTMs for September, Chris the Rebel Wolf (Member of the Month!) and Jote (Character of the Month). Thank you for everything you do! Remember to vote for October's OTMs here!

(9/29/17, 11:12am) It's birthing season for Early Spring litters! Puppy accounts can be made once their birthing thread has started. Simply register an account, then reach out to staff! Accounts will be activated and accepted automatically, no joining post necessary. Happy Early Spring!

(9/28/17, 6:00pm) Early Spring is upon us! Look out for puppies under foot! Forty-four wolves have birthdays this month, but happy FIRST birthday to Albus, Faithful, Maaike, Rota, Stark, Altair, Clint, Natasha, Clara, and Maeve! 23 wolves were marked inactive! Please remember any wolves marked inactive must be considered as having exited the valley and absent IC.

(9/23/17, 12:06am) Puppy adoptions are live! Check out the official thread or jump straight to the Tumblr page to browse!

(9/23/17, 12:03am) Puppy adoptions are officially live! Head on over to the official thread to read up on the rules and processes around adoption or jump straight to our Horizon Puppies Tumblr to start browsing! Remember, rolls will be accepted until the end of winter, so there might still be a few litters waiting to be added in. Enjoy!

(9/21/17, 8:00pm) Results are in for the HY4 Halloween Skype party! It'll be starting at 7PM CDT (cbox time) on Friday, October 13. As always, we'll likely be up late, so if you can't jump in until later, that's okay! Halloween costumes encouraged! Stay posted for details as it gets closer.

(9/20/17, 12:02pm) Don't forget: Puppy adoptions will officially begin on September 23! Be sure to send in your rolls and puppy info forms by this date if you'd like them released at the official start of adoptions. Forms after this date will be added as they're received. (And remember: No rolls for conception submitted after the last day of winter will be accepted!)

(9/17/17, 12:45am) Weekly weather: The week begins with plummeting temperatures and a heavy snowstorm over the valley. The desert receives a few inches of snow as well.

(9/10/17, 8:57pm) In celebration of hitting Horizon Year 4, we will be holding a "Halloween-themed" Skype party on either the weekend of October 6th or the 13th. Head over to our poll to check off which day(s) and time(s) work best for you, so we can make sure to fit in as many of your beautiful faces as possible!

(9/10/17, 9:42am) Weekly weather: Temperatures warm slightly but bring more snow, mostly around the southern half of the valley. The desert will receive a light dusting of snow.

(9/03/17, 12:12am) Weekly Weather: Cold temperatures continue, but not much snow this week in the lower valley. Starlight Peaks receives a heavy snowstorm on Friday.

(9/01/17, 1:08pm) Staff reminder: Please remember not to use the cbox (or other OOC means) to encourage others to join IC threads. This includes actions like linking a thread in the cbox and posting notes like "cough cough" or dropping specific character names. We know this is often in good fun, but this helps to keep OOC pressure to join threads limited and lets threads stay organic!

(9/01/17, 1:02pm) New rule update: Threads must now be archived before being featured in plot news. Please be sure threads are in the IC Archives before featuring them in plot updates going forward. Check out the full details on plot news here! Thank youuu!

(9/01/17, 9:27am) Congratulations to our OTMs for August, Carra (Member of the Month!) and Elliot (Character of the Month). Thank you guys for everything you do! Remember to vote for September's OTMs here!

(8/31/17, 6:09pm) This time it really is Late Winter! Spring is just around the bend! Happy birthday to Bali, Scabbia, Alessandro, Atta, Elliot, Beauregard, Yuna, Cana-Luna, Katsuki, Fluffy, and Balikin. Eighteen wolves have been marked inactive. Please remember any wolves marked inactive must be considered absent IC as well as having exited the valley. Thank you for your continued dedication!

(8/27/17, 9:58am) Weekly weather: A cloudy week with mostly light snowfall west of the hills. Streams and creeks remain frozen solid, while lakes freeze hardily at the edges but grow precarious toward the center.

(8/19/17, 11:15pm) Weekly Weather: Mostly cloudy with little snowfall. Most areas around the valley will now have about two feet of packed snow accumulated from throughout the winter, with less at the coast and desert.

(8/13/17, 12:46pm) Weekly weather: A snowstorm hits the valley in the middle of the week.

(8/06/17, 12:40pm) Weekly Weather: Temperatures remain extremely cold, but skies are relatively clear and winds are mostly calm.

(8/03/17, 7:36pm) Welcome to Full Winter (Please ignore that it says Late Winter, that will hopefully be fixed asap)! Hope you’re all prepared to get very cold! Happy birthday to Comet, Argus, Kaete, Levi, Holly, Blaise, Norna, Ahi, Malachi, and Kitsune. The season has been updated and activity check has been run! 27 wolves were marked inactive. Please remember that any wolves marked inactive must be considered as having exited the valley and absent in-character!

(8/03/17, 12:49am) A winter cyclone is arriving Friday, hitting the northern reaches of the valley first and making its way south by Saturday. Temperatures will dip below zero with heavy thunder snow and violent winds making elements dangerous across the valley. Claim an extra 50 SP by posting about it on Friday for the cyclone or Saturday for the aftermath! Witnessing from any point in the valley counts toward this, but read this week’s weather for specific regional impact!

(8/01/17, 3:28pm) Congratulations to our OTMs for July, Fenshae (Member of the Month!) and Nima (Character of the Month). Thank you for everything you do! Remember to vote for August's OTMs here!

(7/29/17, 11:42pm) Weekly Weather: Arctic air blusters into the valley and makes for a snowy and extremely cold week, ending with a cyclone.

(7/23/17, 12:02am) Weekly weather: Snowfall travels southwest from Starlight Peaks. It is sporadic but will accumulate up to an inch in most of the main valley.

(7/22/17, 10:07pm) While mating season is upon us, we want to remind everyone to please be mindful of content and tone when interacting in the cbox. While it's okay to discuss mating threads and character pairings, be sure to use a mature tone and not push pairings aggressively on other players, which can put uncomfortable OOC pressure on IC situations. In general, explicit talk (especially jokes about forced mating) should not happen in the cbox. Thank you for keeping Horizon safe and fun for everyone!

(7/16/17, 9:35am) Weekly weather: After a brief warming in the beginning of the week, temperatures plummet. Rivers and ocean will never freeze over, but stationary bodies of water will begin to freeze at the edges. Non-evergreen plants are now withered.

(7/13/17, 7:00pm) Oops! In our excitement we hit a little hiccup. Harlequin Meadow is in two places, but we're working on getting that fixed ASAP!

(7/13/17, 6:29pm) The new map is here! All new territories are now open for exploration. Click here to see the new lay of the land! Have questions about the territories? Don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member in the cbox or over PM.

(7/08/17, 11:51pm) Weekly weather: Early winter arrives with declining temperatures, rain, and intermittent snow too light to accumulate in most of the valley.

(7/07/17, 12:07pm) Quick reminder: SP claims should only be submitted after a thread has been closed and archived. Even if your character has already exited, please wait until the thread is archived to submit points. If you think a thread is finished but hasn't been archived by the creator after several days, reach out to any staff member over PM or the cbox for help!

(7/06/17, 7:07pm) It’s that time again! Get ready for snow because Early Winter is here! Happy birthday to Cahan, Tiberius, Fallei, Achilles, Ares, Akeral, and Ambrose! Given the season, here is a reminder on how heat might make females behave. Activity check has also been run. 24 wolves have gone inactive. Reminder that any wolves marked inactive are considered absent from the valley. Thank you!

(7/02/17, 9:59am) Weekly weather: A warm front pushes temperatures back up again, and brings rainy, foggy, and cloudy conditions with it.

(6/30/17, 6:08pm) Congratulations to our OTMs for June, Lea (Member of the Month!) and Faolan (Character of the Month). Thank you for everything you two do! Remember to vote for July's OTMs here!

(6/24/17, 11:16pm) Weekly weather: Dry and mostly clear, but foggy and cloudy the second half of the week. Brief snow in the early morning on Thursday soon melts.

(6/23/17, 7:57pm) Quick reminder: It is OOC planning to send characters to packs in hopes of joining based on what you've read up on the pack OOCly as a player! All characters should discover and naturally gain interest in packs IC. As per the rules, players found to be OOC planning will receive a warning or strike from staff. Thank you!

(6/22/17, 5:14pm) Whoops! After further review, we've decided to return to our gestation period from last year: a wolf who becomes pregnant in early winter, for example, can have their puppies any time in early spring. Full winter conception, full spring birth, etc. While we loved the realistic 56-66 day gestation period, it meant some puppies would be born before others were conceived, and that didn't feel fair for late-conceiving families seeking adopters. If you have any questions, please contact a staffer!

(6/19/17, 2:10pm) We've released a new wiki page on the reproductive cycle of wolves, including optional ideas on how to play characters in heat. Thanks so much to Hal for her help in writing it!

(6/18/17, 11:11pm) Weekly weather: Brief warming on Thursday amid a week of freezing nights. Rain in the latter half of the week, and a first taste of snow for the rest of the valley.

(6/18/17, 5:39pm) Huge congratulations to this year's Horizon Spirit Week top three: Hal in first place, and Chris and Iri tied for second! (Keep an eye out for a PM with prize details!) We can't thank everyone enough for making Spirit Week a total blast. If you have suggestions for next year's celebration, please PM Drew @Rufus!

(6/17/17, 11:35am) Make-ups for our Horizon Write-In start tonight at 9pm in your timezone for folks who didn't get to complete the full write-in last week! See details here. (And even if you aren't participating for points, stay up and have a post party with us!)

(6/16/17, 5:05pm) These are the results for conception as based on your votes: 75% for pack wolves, 75% for a rogue and pack wolf couple, 66% for rogues, chances for conceiving should equal the number of times they mate IC, and there will be no opt-in system! Thanks for your feedback!

We have also published a Tumblr post regarding all changes to pup season this year. Check it out!

(6/16/17, 12:40pm) Details for the Horizon Spirit Week Write-in Make-up are posted here! The event starts this Saturday, so if your write-in time was cut off by the site going down, be sure to visit the thread!

(6/13/17, 10:29pm) We were so wrapped up in Spirit Week, we forgot to announce that June 8th marked Horizon's four year anniversary! Thanks for celebrating it in one amazing week of fun!

(6/13/17, 12:33pm) The Spirit Week Write-In make-up for those who had their first one cut short by downtime will be held this Saturday, starting at 9pm in your personal timezone! Stay tuned for more details.

(6/12/17, 6:12am) Weekly weather: Temperatures continue to fall. Expect a snowstorm in the mountains on Tuesday, and strong winds west of the desert on Wednesday.

(6/08/17, 7:32pm) Season has been updated to Late Autumn! Get your winter coats out of the closet! Happy birthday to Zelda, Sunfall, Tidus, Renegade, and Toskana! Activity check has been run. Reminder that as per the activity check rules any character failing activity check must be considered absent from the valley. Thank you!

(6/07/17, 10:21pm) If you are planning on joining Friday's Spirit Week Skype Party, please be sure to download Skype and add Kelly (m.kelly.anderson) in advance! She'll be your Skype party liaison, so feel free to PM her on site @Eden or message her on Skype for any questions before or during the party!

(6/04/17, 10:27am) Weekly weather: Temperatures fall, bringing foggy and rainy conditions and even snow in the mountains. Watch out for wind on Saturday!

(6/04/17, 12:01am) All Spirit Week forms are due to be posted here by 11:59pm cbox time! Please post all forms, even if you were unable to complete your write-in due to downtime.

(6/03/17, 7:35pm) The Adunati Rangers and the Emerald Union are officially listed as packs! Congratulations.

(6/01/17, 5:14pm) Congratulations to our OTMs for May, Kelly (member of the month!) and Bucky (character of the month). Thank you for everything you two do! Remember to vote for June's OTMs here!

(5/28/17, 2:24pm) Weekly weather: A week with almost no rain! Mostly dry with temperatures warming back up some.

(5/24/17, 12:25pm) Rules update number two, coming in hot! We've made slight changes to the way that adoptable auditions are handled, as well as a minor tweak to the application process for all characters. Check out the full details on the Horizon Tumblr!

(5/23/17, 9:43pm) We've added a few new guidelines to maintaining and disbanding packs here on Horizon, listed in the Pack Creation guide. For more insight into why these changes were made, check out the latest staff post on the Horizon Tumblr!

(5/21/17, 9:01am) Weekly weather: Rains cease until midweek, giving the valley a chance to dry up for a few days, while temperatures continue to lower.

(5/14/17, 12:19am) Weekly weather: Although there is some more sun visible this week, rain and flooding will continue through much of the valley.

(5/11/17, 8:33pm) The season has been updated to Full Autumn! Happy birthday to Meir, Rabbit, Braxis, Ro, Bragi, Lenna, and Manson. Activity check has also been run! Please remember that any wolves that fail Activity Check must be considered absent in-character, no exceptions.

(5/06/17, 8:46pm) Weekly weather (updated May 8 with more details): Foggy and rainy conditions continue. Flooding warning for lower elevations, and landslides very likely at the mountains and the rise.

(5/02/17, 1:20pm) This year's Horizon Spirit Week will officially be held June 4th-June 10th! Thanks to all who voted to help select the date, and take a look at last year's event for a glimpse of what to expect.

(5/01/17, 6:34am) Congratulations to our OTMs for April, Kam (Member of the Month) and Bravo (Character of the Month)! Thank you for everything you two do! Remember to vote for May's OTMs here.

(4/29/17, 8:40pm) Weekly weather: Autumn continues gloomily with a cloudy, foggy, and rainy week.

(4/22/17, 9:58pm) Weekly weather: A storm brings high winds and some thunderstorms midweek. Rains continue into the weekend.

(4/21/17, 1:38pm) Big news! Please join us in thanking Bu for all she does on the Staff team as we promote her to full Moderator status! To take her spot as Maintenance Staff we welcome Drew to the team! Feel free to let her know if you need any SP help or IC moderation in particular!

(4/16/17, 8:58am) Weekly weather: There will be more rains this week. Also keep an eye out for a tornado on Wednesday. There is more information on it here. Please note that it will not be counted as a random event for SP.

(4/14/17, 4:11pm) Activity check has been run! As a number of pack wolves fell inactive this time around now seems like a good time to remind everyone that as per the Activity Check page any wolves who fail activity check are to be considered missing or absent ICly. Pack wolves who fall inactive lose their pack status and must reconfirm or reattain it ICly. Thank you!

(4/14/17, 3:08pm) The season has been updated to Early Autumn! Things will start to cool down, we hope! Happy birthday to Sparrow, Flit, Orion, Brynn, Murphy, Shade, Chaos, Tasuku, Enyeto, and Talisha.

(4/09/17, 8:48am) Weekly weather: Rains return this week to give some relief from the summer heat!

(4/02/17, 3:07pm) Weekly weather: A dry week, containing a brilliant late summer meteor event that peaks on Wednesday!

(4/01/17, 6:30pm) Congratulations to our OTMs for March, Atari (member of the month!) and F12 (character of the month). Thank you for everything you two do! Remember to vote for April's OTMs here!

(3/26/17, 2:36am) Weekly weather: Mostly a dry week, except for thunderstorms and rain on Wednesday!

(3/23/17, 5:57pm) Remember to vote for this month's OTMs here!

(3/19/17, 2:05pm) Weekly weather: The week starts off cloudy but gradually clears. Temperatures continue to rise.

(3/18/17, 12:44am) The activity check for this month has been run!

(3/16/17, 8:04pm) The season has been updated to Late Summer! Enjoy it while it lasts! Happy birthday to Pip, Calamity, Vincent, Alina, Klaus, Siberia, Sikozu, Caesar, Marchioness, Valor, Awinita, Pharaoh, and Regent!

(3/12/17, 2:50pm) Weekly weather: Thunderstorms in the beginning of the week, followed by a general temperature increase and fog.

(3/06/17, 12:17am) Weekly weather: A dry but cloudy week. Temperatures remain relatively stable.

(3/02/17, 11:54am) Congratulations to our OTMs for February, Jill (member of the month!) and Beauregard (character of the month). Thank you for everything you guys do! Remember to vote for March's OTMs here!

(2/27/17, 2:35pm) We have added some extra information when it comes to pups travelling across Horizon. Read here.

(2/27/17, 4:55am) Weekly weather: This week it's mostly sunny and cloudy with little rain.

(2/22/17, 2:37pm) Remember to vote for this month's OTMs here!

(2/18/17, 10:38pm) Weekly weather: Mostly cloudy skies and sun with light rains moving in towards the weekend.

(2/17/17, 12:55am) The activity check for 02/17 has been run!

(2/16/17, 8:52pm) The season has been updated to Full Summer! Happy Birthday to Inigo, Ophelia, Rhydian, Catalyst, Nomad, Fray, Greer, Caspian, and Arren!

(2/13/17, 10:28am) Weekly weather: The temperature dips a bit this week as skies remain mostly cloudy to overcast.

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